It’s time to share the ‘BIG SECRET’!


It’s time to share the ‘BIG SECRET’! Daily I’ve been coming across or finding the need to share the power of using your imagination. I’m learning to be more expressive, considering the fact that I call myself a personal development consultant, and one of the lessons I preach is to “BE EXPRESSIVE!” Practice what you preach right? Have you ever wonder why the best relationship coaches and consultants are single? Well, that’s because they fail to apply those same initiatives’ to their own lives. As you know it’s hard to manage your own while taking on a million others, but that’s where balance comes in. In order to doge that “curse”, I gave myself one rule, and that rule is to be the example. So whether it’s the beginning of my consulting, middle or end, I will achieve what I teach.

“The true expert is always the student–first!”-TDL

Every other day, minute, and second I am tweeting, writing status’, or telling the students that come into my office, that if you believe it enough and can see it happening, it’s yours! So as I’m helping you, I’m going through this journey myself.  The ‘BIG SECRET’ isn’t really a secret after all. It’s in a million books, movies, and if you have children, they know and show you the secret EVERY DAY! It’s all in our imagination. Everything I have currently achieved is a result of my imagination; and strong belief in the things I imagine. I’ve read numerous books that have said things like, “find out what you specifically want, whether it’s a job, car, house etc. and dwell on it. Smell the new car smell, see yourself driving that car, and watch those dreams and visions manifest itself.” Now, because I desire spontaneity, my belief is whatever is going to happen will happen. Nothing specific; I have a feeling of a position I will be in. The more I believe and feel like I am already there, it will slowly happen, and it’s gradually happening. That’s just the way I do things. It seems a little natural to me. In the bible said, “As a man thinketh, so is he.”-Proverbs 23:7. What do you think about?

Why we don’t practice this is the question. Here’s the reason. People are so set in there ways. With most people, it takes a life changing moment when you’re tired of living the same unfulfilled, and unrewarding life to make some changes. Most of us are too afraid of change and content with the norm. The normal could be absolutely crazy, yet the routine of it has become simple and easy, and who doesn’t like easy? Here’s your first step. Give yourself 20 minutes out your day to just sit and think about the things you want. It’s a little like reminiscing, but for the future. Sooner or later you’ll start to feel and envision those things…dreaming. A colleague of mines, Brandon J. Davis, shared an excerpt on Facebook from a book named, “It’s all in our heads” by C. K. Johns. His status read,

 “The mind and nervous system cannot differentiate between a REAL experience and an IMAGINED experience…. In a controlled experiment, psychologist R.A Vandell proved that MENTAL practice in throwing darts at a target, wherein the person sits for a period each day in front of the target, and IMAGINES throwing darts at it, improves aim as much as actually throwing darts. This goes without saying that in order to execute a task, goal, etc., you must imagine yourself doing that very action you wish to achieve. Your subconscious- which dictates your reactions, behavior, and attitudes- will than act/adjust accordingly to “get you where you need to go”…… Let’s be successful in all of our endeavors! USE YOUR GOD-GIVEN IMAGINATION!

This book is more of a Christian based book, but it states the same message as everyone else has. The book says, “The power of positive and faith thinking can work for us or if those thoughts are negative, against us. Our thoughts are extremely powerful. God said it this way: Luke 17:5-6 And the apostles said unto the Lord, increase our faith. And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamore tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.”

I can go on and on about my findings about the power of your imagination, but I challenge you to try this with the smallest thing you could think of, and watch how you ATTRACT that same small thing into your life!

“Create Your Reality With the Power of Your Imagination!”

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Sarah Lee

Welcome! My name is Sarah Lee and I'm a Business Strategist and social entrepreneur who loves the outdoors, a good book, and scary movies year round! Throughout this quirky, rich, and mysterious life of mine, I genuinely love to 'share' my experiences as a learning tool. I thought, what better way to track my level of growth than by sharing my experiences and the lessons learned thereof, than in my blog? A wise woman once said, "You are your own masterpiece, therefore, instead of mastering it, master you."

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