The Space Where Art Meets Reality and History Comes Within Time and Space.

There are these rare moments where I feel like time, or just life in general, freezes for like 2 seconds and my body is paralyzed covered in goosebumps–an if you don’t savor those 2 seconds that feel like a whole minute, you would’ve just missed one of the greatest feelings in your life! I just learned what that incredibly quick, yet rather long (enough) moment is. Some only recognize or only relate to this feeling as to finding or realizing the moment when they’ve fallen in love. Although it may be different for each person, we are all experiencing the same feeling. Let me explain.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend a screening of Robert Reich‘s documentary named “Inequality for All.” Amazing film might I add! I will get to who Mr. Reich is a little later. The film is a bipartisan approach that discusses income inequality, our shrinking middle class, and how this has affected America’s economy and democracy. Basically, how each person gets paid starting from the bottom up, revealing the imbalance of today’s economy. Needless to say, it’s pretty bad and it will get worse, if people aren’t aware of what’s going on. To do my part, which is educating you, I will post the link to the trailer below, so you’ll be compelled to inform yourself on this VERY prevalent issue. I’m not trying to persuade anyone to do anything, but knowledge is power. Win-win.

Okay let’s switch gears and go back to why I’m writing this. To reiterate, some (well most) only recognize or only relate “that” feeling (the one I explained above) to finding or realizing they’ve fallen in love. Powerful might I add. Now, because I have a degree in politics, it’s my niche. It’s comfortable to me. I say that to say, those moments or “that” feeling described, was easily more recognizable for me while watching this film, because politics is my playground and I understand it. It’s the same for a former NFL player or someone who has studied the ins and out of football, to have those continuous moments like the one I had, during a big game. They understand and are comfortable with the sport. Football is their playground. Get it? Okay let’s keep going. Mr. Reich was a summer intern for the white house under Senator Robert Kennedy. If I remember correctly, all of the interns were on a boat to go to Italy. I really don’t remember what for, but that doesn’t matter. Anyhow, Mr. Reich was seasick, and he explained how he went back down to the lower deck to lay down. By the way, Mr. Reich was about 20 years old when he interned under Senator Kennedy. While in his cabin, he explained that there was a knock at his door. When he opened the door, he said there was an intern with a bowl of soup in his hand, and crackers in his other. He finally revealed the name of that intern, and his name was Bill. Bill Clinton that is! Yes, the former President Bill Clinton. At that moment, time froze. Or just life in general froze for like 2 seconds and my body was paralyzed and covered in goosebumps. It was at that very second and moment, where everything rushed through me. Here’s why. In my head I whispered, “How amazing is that quick moment when he opened the door and seen then, intern Bill Clinton and quickly flash forward to see that same intern, former President Bill Clinton is amazing!” Imagine being in Robert Reich’s shoes on the ship that day, opening the door to Bill Clinton with a bowl of soup and crackers. That is what I call the space where history meets reality. The moment when you suddenly realize, that the person you sat next to on a bus, a plane, or in a classroom years ago, is someone who has changed and/or marked history. It’s kind of like a 2 second movie right? That right there, is flat-out amazing to me, and those are the moments I look out for and fight hard to savor. I also had that same feeling when I seen a photograph of 20 years old President Bill Clinton, and former President Kennedy shaking hands. That photograph permanently holds a time and space where no one knows, 20yr old Bill Clinton will later become the president of the United States of America years later.


Here’s how I’d caption this photo:  “Writing history: President to President, Shaking Hands”. It’s sort of like seeing God’s work happen right in front of your eyes. Breathtaking!

Well, there you have it. I say all of that to say, you never know who or what may happen in the future. Treat all individuals with due diligence, and allow yourself to be a part of someone’s history. Mr. Reich was appointed special assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Labor by the former President himself, President Bill Clinton. He has done many amazing things while under former President Bill Clinton. Mr. Reich currently teaches at UC Berkeley in California. So what is “the space when art meets reality and when history comes within time and space“? It’s when you’ve watched someone work creatively at a project, and then you watch that project or creative idea come to life or actually happen. It’s when you’ve lived long enough to witness the first African-American President, who will one day be marveled in the history books, and amazed by the 18 year olds of the year 2050. With the opportunity to say, I was there or I voted: when history meets reality. A moment I patiently wait for. Savor each moment. Someone is writing history. It could be you!

Billions of people have died and now are forgotten – unless you do something significant with your life, the same will happen to you.”-Unspoken Truths

Desmond Meade, Jabari Paul, and I at the "Inequality for All" screening and panel discussion.
Desmond Meade-South Regional Coordinator at PICO, Jabari Paul, and I at the “Inequality for All” screening and panel discussion.
Florida Senator Dwight Bullard of District 39
Florida Senator Dwight Bullard of District 39
(Left to Right) Tallahassee's Mayor John Marks, AFL-CIO director, and Economic Professor Dr. Williams.
(Left to Right) Tallahassee’s Mayor John Marks, AFL-CIO director, and Economic Professor Dr. Williams.

Documentary trailer link above.
Documentary trailer link above.

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