Catch the S.O.S train!

S.O.S is not a cry for help. S.O.S stands for Search of Self. This is an exercise that I have created to allow people to experience the journey to self more organically. In the words of Kevin Hart, “Let Me Explain.” 🙂 95% of the world learn through images, and each day through television, journalism, and even through music, we are feeding our image something. With each visual image comes a feeling, and with each feeling comes a sense of connectedness (I just made that up lol). We don’t know why, but we connect. With this exercise I have chosen to have people pick and choose the people they resonate and identify with the most. Sot of like a kindred spirit. Let’s begin!

Most times we connect with people/celebrities/public figures and never stop to ask ourselves, why? Here is how it works. It starts off with the three W’s.

  • Who
  • Why
  • What

If you could choose 3 people, who if life somehow fused them together, it would be you in a nutshell (holistically), who would they be? Also, out of your 3 you must have a “reach“. Your reach is the person you are striving for. Make sure you do them last. They are ultimately the person you are alike (kindred spirit), but you are not yet there.

(Before beginning this self-actualization/recognition exercise, print out a picture of the 3 people and lay them next to each other.)
  1. Who?

Here’s mine:

-Kerry Washington 
-Michelle Obama 
-Oprah Winfrey 

Once you have chosen your 3 people, ask yourself why. Why do you feel they represent you? It could be their career, or personality, whatever. Here’s my WHY, and I’ll start with Kerry Washington.

2. Why?

Kerry Washington is very politically aware. She is one of the actors I see, who no matter her platform and/or influence, she has made it a priority to serves in whatever capcity she can, on the issues that are most relevant to her. I find that extremely courageous being that some public figures/celebrities shy away from standing on their beliefs. -In many ways KW and I relate on that particular point. Although it has been recommended numerous times, I am not looking to run for nobodies office. It’s just not for me. However, I am very active on certain issues, as well as the process of political progression. KW is also very private with her personal life. She does a great job in separating her work life from her personal life, and she is well-respected for it. She does not budge! -By nature I am an introvert. For me, a lot of personal matters result into shyness or a failure to speak. I’m still working on breaking out of that, but I can’t deny that I am a person who cradles my personal affairs. Some people just aren’t as open and I am one of them. Therefore the separation of business and pleasure, is a top 3 rule in my book.

Michelle Obama Okay let me put this out there. I am OBSESSED with this lady! She brings my heart so much joy–I just LOVE HER! Okay I had  a moment. lol Here’s my why for our 1st lady. Michelle Obama is-a-fire cracker! She is thorough, she gets the job done, and will crack, snap, and pop anyone who thinks they are going to publicly or privately disrespect her or anyone else. She is the sun when you need to be warm and the cool breeze to hit your face when it gets too hot. If you look up hard work in the dictionary, it is her. She believes in the work that she has to get done and she handles it in the highest form of proficiency. -I find myself, again by nature and from watching a mother who exemplified everything I explained above (the hard work, thorough, and explosive passion), is just in me. It’s my DNA.

Last, but certainly not least. The all mighty:

Oprah is my other obsession. She is my “reach“. Oprah, in my eyes, is solid in who she is, her purpose, and unashamed in her efforts to fulling each in any way possible. To me, she is very well-rounded (holistic) and has truly reached for the stars and captured them. She is extremely creative and no matter how extravagant or extreme her creativity may be, she still acts on them. She trusts her gut, she trusts her intuition, and she trusts in the philosophy I believe in, that all things that are meant for you, is for you. What matches, will match. Her heart of service is completely un-measurable. -Oprah is where I want to be. My heart of service is beyond life, time, and space, and what I plan to do in terms of humanitarian and philanthropy efforts, is beyond life itself. It is where we match. I also have a sense of peculiar creativity. I’m working on accepting not only the normal one’s, but the abnormal ones as well. They are the most frightening, and take the highest form of faith to soar.

3. What? are you actively doing to contain and evolve into your chosen 3 including your “reach“?

KW, our 1st Lady, and Auntie O are my balance. KW satisfies my personal self, the 1st Lady my professional self, and Auntie O my spiritual/whole self. Each day I am making sure I am keeping the scales balance. I read on a consistent basis, I make it my duty to be and stay aware of the world around me, and above all, I take care of the gentle person inside attending to her every need. Whether that is through yoga, meditation, or finding something to get my adrenaline rushes going– I make all things a priority.

This exercise will provide you with extreme motivation and inspiration. Find your 3 people now and begin this exercise. Get on the S.O.S train! It’s a guarantee that you will discover something new about yourself. This will also help uncloud what direction you need to go in if you are a little lost about your purpose. The one thing we cannot deny is how we feel and who we connect too. There is a reason. You just have to stop and ask yourself what that reason is. Believe me, writing this I have learned more about who am, and it has confirmed the direction in which I am headed.


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Sarah Lee

Welcome! My name is Sarah Lee and I'm a Business Strategist and social entrepreneur who loves the outdoors, a good book, and scary movies year round! Throughout this quirky, rich, and mysterious life of mine, I genuinely love to 'share' my experiences as a learning tool. I thought, what better way to track my level of growth than by sharing my experiences and the lessons learned thereof, than in my blog? A wise woman once said, "You are your own masterpiece, therefore, instead of mastering it, master you."

2 thoughts on “Catch the S.O.S train!”

  1. Extremely helpful .. Loved this post, my top three women were, Oprah, Beyonce, Michelle O, and Tracey Walker. (ok I added one more, lol) but why not, when I can see myself and balance evolving in all 4 women. Talking about the Epitome of success, character and leadership. You’re a true leader yourself.. Amazing activity to do… thanks…

    P.S. I just realized we attended the same university…. Forever a Rattler… 😉

  2. Hi Sierra! You can add however many women you relate to! Being able to identify with each woman is a gift in itself. It is a clear indication that if they did it so can we!

    SN: I do believe that university produces women with the qualities you mentioned! #RattlerLove 🙂
    Thank you Sierra!

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