The CEO, the employer, or the employee. Which one are you? Which mindset are you in?

The CEO, the employer, or the employee. Which one are you? Which mindset are you in? The producer or the consumer?

Yesterday I went out with a couple of friends to watch the Miami Heat game. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a BIG Miami Heat fan, and an even BIGGER Dwyane Wade fan. Anyhow, last night they played the Pacers. On paper last night’s game is supposed to be one of the “it” games, a must watch. I wasn’t too excited or engaged throughout the game until the 45.3 seconds left in the game. Miami was down by 4. Any true spots fan engaged or not, will magically gain interest with credentials like that.

Sitting there barely interested, yawning, and watching others yell, scream, and hop up and down at the t.v., had me confused! I mean why wasn’t I joining in? A year ago I would have been the loudest, stats reading, and play critiquing critic, out of everyone. It was so bad that I would even lose friends over a game, and part the reason why I would rather watch most games at home. Smh Just terrible. However yesterday, it was so weird to be watching the Heat play after not watching a game in so long, because of a new perspective that I’ve put into action. Take a moment to think about all the time and energy we put into sports. All the energy we drum up to yell, scream, and emotionally petition the universe to bring home a win. Now think about what would be if we refocused and sown that energy somewhere else. Like in our dreams, goals, and our own life’s journey. I hope a light bulb went off. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will not be as tuned in or fully invested, unless I own a share of the franchise. I love the Heat I do, but there’s no sense in investing so much for only bragging rights? Nope.

During the game yesterday I expressed my disconnect and opinion on when I’ll be all in like before, and a friend of mine responded with this,

“As a tax paying resident of the state of Florida you have a vested interest in all of the professional teams that compete in this state.”

He is correct and by that, I am endowed to bragging rights. Other than being a loyal tax payer, to buy paraphernalia, game tickets, and other things on top of a “vested interest” via tax, is pushing it. Where is the concrete monetary return in that? My mind has simply shifted from consumer to producer. If I am to consume, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be handed a shared returned in whatever I am consuming. The energy and oxytocin received from watching the game is simply not enough for me. I need/want more.

To take a different shift, what I’ve learned about walking the road to a living a better life and gaining success, is that out of the million mentors that are out there to model after, you must begin to pay attention to their belief system. Some attain wealth from telling you to save, build, and invest. Others tell you leap and build on the way down—you have nothing to lose. See there’s a linear way to gaining wealth and then there’s a non-linear way to gaining wealth. I teach in the non-linear realm. I promote ownership, building wealth from the ground up, buying property in cash, and signing your own checks—tangible assets.

I’ll leave you with this question. Where in the Miami Heat’s Hierarchy do you find yourself? Be sure to take notice that “fans” aren’t on the list. Oh and FYI someone is above Pat Riley.

  1. Pat Riley
  2. Erik Spoelstra
  3. Dwyane Wade/Lebron James



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