Response to Olivia Cole’s, “Lucy: Why I’m Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen”

I try to stay away from controversial topics as much as possible, but in reality the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Opinions are to be had and told. So here is mine own on Olivia Cole’s opinion on Hollywood. Her blog post is posted, just click the link below. I suggest you read her thoughts 1st and then some of the comments and then read my response to what she said.

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@Associated Press

Lucy: Why I’m Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen

I have mixed reviews on Olivia Cole. She is awesome at depicting her point through words, but as she faulted Steve Harvey as picking sides, sadly she is too. I haven’t read every blog post she’s ever written, but she’s missing the wall of open perception–for me at least.
An although I agree with every word illustrated in her ”Lucy” post, she still fails to explain the other side. As an African-American woman I agree with her, but never forget the Good Rule in debate that says know your opponent.
I’m all for approaching an issue head on, but only with the necessity of understanding the opposing forces thinking. Not because they deserve it, but because the readers do. Because there’s nothing accomplished looking through a glass ONE way.

Again I agree with her words. I just think she would’ve served greater meaning/purpose putting the shoe on the other foot–showing what’s going on, on the other side. But I think because her readers know, as she so openly pointed out, she’s Caucasian, there’s no need? I beg to differ. But as she factually stated, we, the masses only use a minuscule amount of our brain. I guess it doesn’t matter either way? *shrugs

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12 thoughts on “Response to Olivia Cole’s, “Lucy: Why I’m Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen””

  1. What do you mean shoe on the other foot? I thought she nailed it…Hollywood is really trying to distort and whitewash history…..I hope black people start an exodus away from movies like this. Hopefully white people do the same.

    1. I will again reiterate that I 100% agree with everything she has said–she did nail it. However what I mean about putting the shoe on the other foot is that I think she should have explained historical facts behind why our society is the way it is. She has a whole ‘nother audience “her race” in the dark to their own ignorance. Did you read the comments below? Someone proceeded to say go watch BET.

      This year I had a professor at my job, I work at a university, sit me down and go over some historical facts I didn’t know myself. Being that I am VERY in tuned when it comes on too historical facts I was shocked. There was one thing that he said to me that sunk deep. He said, “Sarah, you know why they don’t put this in history books? Because it’ll be cultural suicide.” Sit yourself in the mans shoes who is not your color and is thinking futuristically. I’m not telling you to agree with him, but UNDERSTAND. See that’s where people go wrong. Because one understands they agree? WRONG.

      America is a business generating beast. So they know outlets such as movies, media, and music play on the brain more than we would EVER like to know. Do I agree with everything they implement to constitute to control over the masses and operate under a pyramid scheme to keep ONE race on top? Absolutely not! However when you are a writer/blogger, I find it important to explain both sides so everyone can see from both ends instead of ONE way. You can NEVER serve someone justice in understanding a situation explaining one side of the story. That is how hatred is formed for another race/group/culture/issue or whatever. Being so I don’t think distorting “white” wash history is deliberate, but learned habit. Just as a Jew, Christian, Racist individual grew up and learned the teachings thereof. It’s all they’ve known/seen. In 2014 for America to be as diverse as ever do I believe there needs to be a change? Yes! But, we don’t do that in pointing out the “now” without pointing out historical facts.

  2. oKAY I feel you….she could’ve gave the history behind it so it doesn’t look like a one time thing and that black folks are just bitching for the moment…I get that. But I do this the whitewash was deliberate in this movie….why else name it lucy…lucy isn’t an appealing title for an action movie….but when you think of the first woman….instead of thinking about a Ethiopian black woman…now you’ll think about blonde haired, blue eyed Scarlett.

    1. Yes!

      Well I haven’t seen the movie yet and I am intending on seeing it today. I will be honest and say some of the things she mentioned for instance about the superheros, I didn’t noticed. But at the same time I don’t want to be too conscious of race and whose who because it’ll sort of ruin’s the experience of the movie.
      I actually study and find interest in the neurological concepts, energy, and the metaphysical portion or plot of the movie. So I’m definitely not going to be counting stars but trying to grab the concept and how its portrayed.
      For other movies such as the “Prince of Egypt” or “Moses” I think the name is, they certainly could’ve or should be casting a diverse character list of actors and actresses. I do agree, bu where and how do we begin to change “Hollywood”.

      1. to change it stop going, or support movies like Dear White people or After Earth….even better, support independent black films…independent movies like Hidden Colors or independent black web films and tv shows…hollywood will beg for those black dollars….in which case we can say f***’em lol.

      2. Thought you might find this interesting.

        1. Scar Jo’s name is Lucy in the film. The same as the oldest human remains of a melanated/black woman. Roughly 1.8 million years old.

        2. The “drug” CPH-4 in the film is just a cover for whst it is in reality. Which is 666. 666= 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons aka Carbon/Melanin. Look at the properties of carbon/melanin. They say some of them in the film. Conducts heat and electricity.

        3. In the final scene when things are getting “hectic” and Lucy is making the supercomputer for M. Freeman. The black matter/dark matter that comes from her and starts to compose the supercomputer symbolizes carbon/melanin/dark matter. The percentage is not that of how much of the brain she is using. Its a representation of the percentage of concentration of carbon/melanin/dark matter in the body. Hence why after the last dose she receives of it she proceeds to start turning black. Funny how they show her sitting in the chair the whole time but somehow can’t when she is at 100%. I know If she was shown she would have resembled that of a melanated/black person. Then she vanishes. Upon doing so the officer ask where’d she go. She responds through his phone by saying “I AM EVERYWHERE”. Do you know what else is everywhere. Yep, carbon/melanin/DARK MATTER is anywhere & everywhere in the cosmos/universe at once. Ubiquitous & omnipresent.

        *Scientists have beeeeeeen trying to replicate & or melanin/dark matter artificially. CERN the atom smasher on the French/Swiss border is where scientists have found the “Higgs Bosun” aka the god partIcle. WhIch Is the gateway to findIng out what dark matter really is. Dark matter makes up 5/6 of the universe and our milky way is composed of 70% of it. A certain group of ppl naturally create melanin/dark matter since they are the only people who’s pineal gland doesn’t calcify. Calcification of the pineal gland can occur but isn’t limited to when artificial foods ; greasy foods; unnatural foods; and flouride is consumed. Non melanated ppl’s pineal glands are usually calcified at birth or in the adolescent years.

        The ancients already knew this information. They were masters of astrology, physics, cosmology, and Kemetstry (chemistry), These things they already knew. *SEE medu neter or meter neter* “AS ABOVE SO BELOW, AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT”.-DanielPretty MfBenoift

      3. oh wow, you’re on it!!!! everything we see is propaganda and dangerous to watch unless we think critically….if everybody did what you did and looked at it with a critical eye/third eye we’d be straight…..but yeah they want the melanin just like anything else somebody wants from you…..the first thing they say is that it’s wack, dumb, stupid, lame…until they get it….then it’s the best thing smoking.

      4. Unlock the history, reveal the future. The first thing to realize is that we are all ONE people. We started from something to someone that eventually lead to a diverse nation. So “they” too are your brothers and sisters. I am prompted to do a-lot more research than others because my family is the epitome of life’s history. My Father and many other close knit family members do not share the same skin color as I do, and I will not love them any less because decades ago before we were thought of, a group of men conspired to create a control scheme based on one race. I also will not allow the media and other propaganda to force me to hate my own skin color, assisting that same scheme. Knowledge is power, but history is powerful. Grab hold of the mind and do as much as you can to erase division. At the end of it all, that is what they want division. As the wonderful country of Jamaica states, “Out of many,
        ONE people.”

  3. I was curious if you ever considered changing the page layout of your website?

    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people
    could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 images.

    Maybe you could space it out better?

    1. It’s actually one of the harder things to do personally for me, on here–trying to find one that suits me. But, thank you for your suggestion, I’m on the search to find one now. 🙂

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