The Key to Consistent Improvement – The Tony Robbins Way

Marie Forleo asked Tony Robbins in the interview she conducted, I paraphrase, “How do you continuously get better? How do you keep yourself at a high level of service? You’ve been doing this for almost 4 decades now, and every time I see you, you’ve gotten better each time.”

Tony Robbins mentioned staying in physical shape – both muscular and physical strength. He also said, what’s most important, is the psychological and spiritual side of things. Word for word he said,

“I think energy comes 1st. Not from your body…it doesn’t come from eating, it doesn’t come from sleeping because I’ve gone without those things for a long periods of time..”

I’m going to stop there, because in that single statement he revealed WHY he is continuously successful and getting better, even after nearly 4 decades.

To watch the rest of Marie Forleo’s interview with Robbins, click the link below.


Okay..I’m going to show you something really quickly! Tony Robbins specifically said, that first and foremost, to keep getting better or doing more – in Marie Forleo’s words, is ENERGY. Not from the body, eating or sleeping.

Watch this, pay attention!


Tony Robbins is basically saying that it takes DISCIPLINE! Robbins has trained his mind, body, and spirit to operate in his favor. Robbins continuously CHALLENGEs himself to live outside of the time to eat and sleep. He’s in control. When you have that type of control, it molds you into being a certain type of individual.

I want to pin point, or focus on eating.


I have a younger brother who I try to teach, motivate, and encourage daily. I continuously make an effort to plant all of my ideas, thoughts, and creative thinking, in him. One specific saying/statement I came up with is to Deny the Belly. When I take him along through my day of work, professional events (sometimes more than one in the same day) and meetings etc., and the lunch or dinner hour has passed and I hear Sarah I’m hungry, I look sternly and say, you know I haven’t eaten yet either, right?

I tell him all the time, when you wanna be better than the next man, you have to deny your belly and discipline your stomach. While the other person is out getting lunch, I’m off to the next stop. Now, I’m not saying don’t eat all, but on the days when you need to trail-blaze and get things done, your stomach should not stop or deter your attitude. As Tony Robbins pointed out, your energy has to come from somewhere else. The will to do!

So why does Tony Robbins keep improving and getting better? By a simple two-step party system of discipline and challenge. If you want to continuously get better at what you do, make it a priority to put yourself in uncomfortable situations; challenge yourself. Discipline your mind, body, soul, and spirit to withstand and conquer any and everything life brings your way.

The Tony Robbins way! 🙂


| Marie Forleo’s FULL interview w/ Tony Robbins

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