If Only You Knew…

Yesterday I read this headline of an article that someone posted.

Titi Branch, Founder Of Miss Jessie’s Dies In Apparent Suicide

There’s a small part of me that just sinks when I read about people who have committed suicide. Those stories, the others of depression, and identity crisis’, are the driving force of my blog. I hope that sharing my own fears, imperfections, thoughts, and the things I question, will allow others to understand that they’re not alone. Most importantly, you can overcome those things. Look at me!

We all ask the same questions, in different ways. No matter how many times I Google a question, I am beside myself at how many other people had the SAME question I did. And I’m talking about those questions that people believe an adult SHOULD know. Imagine my comfort! lol


Life is a work in progress and it will forever be that way.

No matter how far I go, or how much of a success that I become, I guarantee you that there will be things that I will have to work on to overcome. Each height or level of growth acquires a new mindset that we have to work towards. There’s never a destination. That’s why, as the saying says, you MUST enjoy the journey. Find the joy in the process of growth; becoming.

I am not perfect in regards to what society defines as what a woman should be, or look like. However, I think that I was and have always been perfect the minute I was conceived and released out of my mother’s womb. No matter what I do, where I do, or what happens to me, I am the idea of what perfection is. Simply because I exist, and SO DO YOU!

I want to take the moment to let YOU know, no matter what you have, own, or don’t have, your life is as equally valuable to those who do have, and it’s not to be compared. You are you. You have a handcrafted and encrypted fingerprint, DNA, and mind that is to be molded to your liking.

Whether you own a business, are a parent, a student, or a regular somebody, understand that if something fell through, it doesn’t matter. There’s ALWAYS the option to begin again.

There are no mistakes, only opportunities.

It’s never the question of “When am I going to be?” It’s the statement of, “I am who I already Am.” #iamthatiam

Do you remember that dream or idea of what you wanted to be like when you were older? Well..I am that person I imaged. It just took the moment of realizing that the moment I decided who I wanted be, is the second I became that person.

So, in the eye of society, maybe I need to be a little more flattering towards my look, or have straighter teeth (I was a thumb sucker as a child 😉 ), or become more “womanly”, whatever that is. It’s not necessary. I’m already the person I am and have sought out to be.

I am just as perfect with those things, as I am without.

My condolences to all of the people before my lifetime and now, who have committed suicide. As a personal, career, and professional development consultant, suicide is one of the things that I have dedicated my life to curing. I am more confident now than ever to quit my job in the next few months to helping EVERYONE understand, that by birth, we were and still are, instantly perfect. Therefore, there’s no need to achieve the perfect that already exist. No matter what society says. It’s all about PROGRESS!

In the words of Pattie Labelle, tumblr_ljrxe5E9AS1qgujfno1_400

Have a good one, Perfect People!

Published by

Sarah Lee

Welcome! My name is Sarah Lee and I'm a Business Strategist and social entrepreneur who loves the outdoors, a good book, and scary movies year round! Throughout this quirky, rich, and mysterious life of mine, I genuinely love to 'share' my experiences as a learning tool. I thought, what better way to track my level of growth than by sharing my experiences and the lessons learned thereof, than in my blog? A wise woman once said, "You are your own masterpiece, therefore, instead of mastering it, master you."

25 thoughts on “If Only You Knew…”

  1. So sad. it would be great if we could all remember that we are all works in progress, you are never the only one struggling with something. Sure can feel isolating though when you do.

  2. Suicide is such a tragedy. Depression is too often treated as “just sadness” instead of the medical condition it is. I think many people don’t understand that there are chemical imbalances that can’t just be treated by thinking positive thoughts.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. Suicide is a tragedy. It affects everyone. We lost a member of our community many years ago to suicide. He jumped off a bridge and landed on a car. The couple driving the car will be haunted by that forever. He was always depressed and an alcoholic & missed by all. He was our barber and when he was in jail (we live in a SMALL town) for dui, drunk & disorderly or whatever, all of the men would go there to get their hair cut. If depression could be cured I think a lot of people would still be alive. I think some people are too embarrassed by their depression to seek help for it.

  4. I relate so much to the “Life is a work in progress…” quote. It is something I am constantly telling myself because sometimes it feels like there are more bad days than good.

  5. Suicide is such a terrible tragedy. My heart always go out to the famiies left behind too, I’m sure they feel terrible thinking they could not save their loved one. And yes, life is most definitely a work in progress for us all.

  6. It breaks my heart to hear of someone taking their life. Whether I know them or not. I’m pretty sure everyone has hit their all time low at some point in their life and had a fleeting thought of what if…but there is always that same ‘what if’ that could be flipped around and use to move forward when times a bleak. What if tomorrow, I win the lottery…or get hired for the job I applied to last month…or what if everything will get better in time? Even in our darkest times – it’s important to think about those moments of potential and future happiness.

  7. I’ve been hit by a family member who committed suicide and although, I didn’t know that person that well, it hit me so hard. Such a hard thing to understand and accept.

  8. Suicide is such a sensitive subject, especially in my town where a lot of people have taken their own lives. I can’t even imagine the desperation and sadness of someone who chooses to do it, poor souls 😦

  9. The holidays can be a difficult time for anyone who suffers from depression. If you do know anyone alone during the holidays try to go and visit them. Make sure your friends know you are available to talk if they ever need to.

  10. My cousin who was 7 weeks younger than me hung himself over a girlfriend when we were 17. It changed my entire life. It’s been almost 12 years and I think about him every single day. We were so close- it’s a loss you never recover from.

  11. suicide is such a sad thing to deal with for everyone involved. I had a best friend commit suicide just over a year ago. It was absolutely heartbreaking and I wish I could’ve stopped him and told him that I cared about him.

  12. This is such a great post and reminder! I have to remind myself and my family daily that we are always a work in progress, I firmly believe human beings grow all the time – we learn from various experiences and since each day we experience something different or new, there is nothing left to believe than the simple fact that we will forever be growing and learning about our own selves as well as those around us. Lovely inspiration to read!

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