Beyond Beliefs

Our lives are a metaphorical concept of something bigger – greater. There is no outside, everything is inside. The focus and power are, us. We are not separate from the creator, but apart of it.

We are that we are.


So, you know what I believe in?

I believe in the stories told by numerology.

I believe in the lessons of history.

I believe in the truth of time.

I believe in cycles.

I believe in the revelation of habit.

I believe in the power of life.

I believe in the fate of death.

I believe in change.

I believe in the undying power that is wedged within me to correct, define, and elevate who I am. Not in my image, nor my thoughts, opinions, or intellect. Because that too will eventually change.

I believe in Law.

Understand that it’s not the THING itself that I believe in. But the force you cannot see by the eye – the result.

That is what I believe.

We’re not separate from the creator, but of the creator.

A wise man once said, “Think differently, but don’t believe everything you think.”

Published by

Sarah Lee

Welcome! My name is Sarah Lee and I'm a Business Strategist and social entrepreneur who loves the outdoors, a good book, and scary movies year round! Throughout this quirky, rich, and mysterious life of mine, I genuinely love to 'share' my experiences as a learning tool. I thought, what better way to track my level of growth than by sharing my experiences and the lessons learned thereof, than in my blog? A wise woman once said, "You are your own masterpiece, therefore, instead of mastering it, master you."

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