Feel like life is beating you down? You won’t after you read this…

How quickly can you bounce back from a mistake, or from negative circumstances consistently raining on your parade? How quick?

BmgZ60dIcAAA6-UYou know the saying it’s not how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and get back up? Well it’s the same thing.

Will a mistake – a bad deal, or a negative streak in circumstances make you fall victim to it? Will it hurt your ego so bad that instead of continuing, you’ll give it a rest until you feel better?

Listen…bad things are going to happen. No one can change. Train your mind and emotions to work in concert negative situations. Use them as props… Like they’re test.

– Test yourself to respond better to negative customers.

– Test yourself to build up your discernment.

– Train yourself on how to deal with the pressure once a perfectly drawn out deal takes a turn.

Why? BECAUSE IT WILL HAPPEN!! Might as well be prepared when it does…right?

By the way, after traveling almost 7 hours to pay TWO traffic tickets, on the way back guess what happened? Yep! I got another one. You would think I’m a target. lol However, it took all of two seconds for me not to look at it as if I’m being picked on by life.

Instead, I viewed it as a test that I passed with FLYING COLORS, because of how quick I bounced back t. I didn’t freak out or become defensive towards the issuer.

What did I do in those 2 seconds?

I simply accepted the situation, and added it to the list of things to be extra, EXTRA mindful of.

Also, I made sure that I accessed what happened, and thereafter congratulated myself for not beating myself up and keeping my cool. 🙂

How did it only take me 2 seconds?


So I’ll ask again:

How quickly can you bounce back from a mistake, or from negative circumstances consistently raining on your parade? How quick?

***The ticket is merely the “thing” to strengthen my emotions. STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THE “THING” THAT IS GOING TO ALLOW YOU TO BECOME A MASTER AT WHAT YOU DO. The”thing” is just a prop. And if that “thing” we’re positive, you wouldn’t learn anything.

For the record…I’m not a bad driver! lol 🙂

Published by

Sarah Lee

Welcome! My name is Sarah Lee and I'm a Business Strategist and social entrepreneur who loves the outdoors, a good book, and scary movies year round! Throughout this quirky, rich, and mysterious life of mine, I genuinely love to 'share' my experiences as a learning tool. I thought, what better way to track my level of growth than by sharing my experiences and the lessons learned thereof, than in my blog? A wise woman once said, "You are your own masterpiece, therefore, instead of mastering it, master you."

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