When we thought he/she was the ONE…

I’m going to give you all some FREE advice.
You want to know how to be successful in every aspect of you life? Financially, romantically, professionally, casually?
Be present and give others a space for them to be themselves – even if you’re not given that courtesy.
Give others that space and MORE will be given to you.
People are the key. In business, in friendship, and definitely in relationships.
Pay attention, build a powerful social circle, and don’t be random according to how you choose the people to be around. Bump up the importance of who you allow in your life. #filteraccordingly
We acclimate to what “we” think is normal. Therefore, people are easier to read than you think.
In hindsight, you get what you give and you lose what you’re not.
P.S. We’re dying to be ourselves! 😉
Her name is Consistency.

Published by

Sarah Lee

Welcome! My name is Sarah Lee and I'm a Business Strategist and social entrepreneur who loves the outdoors, a good book, and scary movies year round! Throughout this quirky, rich, and mysterious life of mine, I genuinely love to 'share' my experiences as a learning tool. I thought, what better way to track my level of growth than by sharing my experiences and the lessons learned thereof, than in my blog? A wise woman once said, "You are your own masterpiece, therefore, instead of mastering it, master you."

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