You want to know the quickest way to ruin a good relationship/connection?


You want to know the quickest way to ruin a good relationship/connection?

When you and your spouse/friend/bestfriend/gf or bf are having problems go share your frustrations and what they did with your family. I don’t care how close you are to your family DON’T DO IT!
The fact is, if you didn’t know, we are human and WILL make a mistake(s). For married couples, this is more crucial for you. You can’t walk away that easy. Here’s the deal breaker…once you’ve forgiven her/her, your family won’t! There’s a slim 1%, but most likely it will not happen. No matter how much you’ve confessed your love for him/her and you willingness to forgive, your chances are shot. Unless you are emotional strong enough to take the heat and go against everyone’s wishes, you’ll work on your marriage and live better because of it. However, the general man/woman cannot get past their families opinion (just being honest), and will let go  of a relationship they’ve desired to have. Same as in a friendship and a general gf/bf relationship.
Families don’t forgive, and in their defense, that’s their job. They’re only looking out for your best interest. Try not to share every aspect of your relationship with family members. Only the good one’s of course.
So…who do I talk too or how do I deal with my frustration? Great question!

1. There are only a few, few meaning ONE, close family member or friend who will be behind you and your decisions regardless of what you decide to do. You’ll know who that person is.

2. Therapists aren’t only for the emotional distressed and unstable, they are there for regular people too.  They have an un-biased opinion to help you sort out your feelings without being judgmental. Utilize this resource.

3. Spirituality! There’s nothing like spiritual release or meditation. Give yourself some time to think and let your instinct and intuitive spirit lead the way. You’ll never lead yourself wrong.

Now, before you decide to pick up the phone and call Mom/Dad saying, “You wouldn’t believe what he/she did…” think about what permanent picture you’re painting for your partner, spouse, or best friend, who you intend to be around for a lifetime.

One of My Daily Prayers

“Deliver me from all evildoers that talk nothing but sickness and failure. Grant me the companionship of men who think success and men who work for it. Loan me associates who cheerfully face the problems of a day and try hard to overcome them. Relieve me of all cynics and critics. Give me good health and the strength to be of real service to the world, and I’ll get all that’s good for me, and will give what’s left to those who want it.”

– William Feather

Be and stay inspired, your life depends on it!

My New Year’s Letter

Know that it’s okay to erase. If the feeling isn’t wanted, erase it and whoever is creating it. There’s no room for negative people, they will only bring you down. Build up tough, but love easy. You have to ride with the good and the bad to experience the sweet life. Always remember without the bad, there wouldn’t be a “good”. We do what’s necessary to get where we’re going, and no one said it was going to be easy. Sorry doesn’t come easy and always comes late.  Don’t wait for it or try; people will only make a fool out of you to feel superior or wanted. Wait and be patient. If they can’t see it, you can’t make them. Move on without worry and leave them with regret. People will be completely ridiculous, but love them anyways! Loving from a distance was never a crime. Life is given to the one’s who love, so love HARD (regardless of who’s watching)! Take advantage of time; it’s all you have to make and have the things/people you want in your life. People can’t deny genuinity or a humble heart. So, stay grateful and keep your face to the ground. Lastly, remember no one believes anything you do in secret. Some things you do will go unnoticed and passed by like it never happened, but as long as you know, you can live in peace. It’s tough, but your inner peace is a reward to never pass up for another and their recognition.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLLOWERS! Live life more abundantly every year! ♥


No resolution for 2013, but just some simple CHANGES!


Tradition is nice, but time changes and so should we. One of the biggest and most important thing in life, is the people you keep around you. Those people are a collection of things that make up who you are as you grow. Those individuals are vital to your future. You can choose what to do with them. They’ll make you, break you, push you forward, or pull you backwards. Me personally, I’ve found that  at my age I no longer argue, it’s exhausting. I no longer get upset, it takes to much energy. I simply understand that as apart of life, there are differences. Things will happen. We can’t change that. It’s always about how we move on after. Therefore, those of you who dwell on the things of yesterday, I can’t. It’s about that time to move on. No plane can fly or ship can sail with too much weight aboard. For in times of trouble, it will sink! CHANGES ARE OKAY, LET THEM HAPPEN!