Real Friends. How Many Of Us?

I want to share this because energetic exchanges are real.

Today while I was out I met a male friend (it’s a fresh friendship) for a few minutes. I was getting an oil change and he was in the area.

Our interaction was fairly normal up until the last few seconds before departing. He’s a pretty cool guy with a pretty calm spirit. However, when we went our separate ways, I felt empty. It was as if someone sucked the life out of me.

Now, I was having a pretty good day and my spirits were high. What the hell just happened?

I’m a tell you.

I have quite a few male friends and it’s pretty easy befriending males, not that it’s any different with women. I am fully aware that some male “friends”, although they don’t say it, want to be more than friends. I can tell. It’s clear as day. Which is fine, whatever.


But then there are the men who befriend you, want more, push for it and when you give the clear signal that either you’re not ready to go there quite yet or not at all, they begin to do things.

If they’re not using their words aggressively, they use their energy and/or treat you in a passive aggressive manner to get you to somehow yearn their company. That or they attempt to convince you that there’s something wrong with you.

I personally keep company with very few people and I’ll dismiss myself without warning if I feel something isn’t right. The truth behind that is, I’m very sensitive to other people’s energy. I’ve been that way since I’ve been a child. Therefore, I HEAVILY limit, govern and monitor my interaction with others. Religious institutions, professions, status, gender, money etc does not alter or offer up some type of exception to that either.

So no, I’m not being a B word or think I’m too good of a person for you.

Does it mean I care about someone any less if I suddenly disappear and am no longer around? No.

I just know that sometimes people’s intentions (both for men and woman) aren’t of the best intentions.

I’m not in denial. I get it. I have a pretty strong personality and it’s not widely popular, especially being a woman.


But I want to make it clear that Sarah Lee comes first. I have to protect her space at all cost. Whether it’s a friendship or a relationship, I don’t care who you are, that will never supersede the importance of my sacred space.
In conclusion, I give all gratitude to the divine for supplying me with an abundance of amazing male and female friends that make it easy for me to sniff out who are not. I encourage you to strengthen your discernment and never compromise your space for an old or new friendship/relationship that doesn’t feel right.
I’m just sharing my experience.
P.S. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle this new friendship. Instead of breaking it off without warning, I’ll attempt to point out my concerns. I think. *shrugs

“This is my canvass…”

There are some things that I refrain from doing or pursuing, because of tradition.

Something that my life is far from.


Although I respect and uphold some traditions, I think tradition is to straight line for me. There’s no sparkle, nor spontaneity to it. Just the same old stories you know the ending to. Nothing changes.

I read something yesterday by the Millionaire Mentor on IG. He said, society wants you to be mediocre; average.

I began to think.

The system we’ve been taught, that “seems” like a normal honest living, is mediocre to the MAX!

Now there’s nothing wrong with it, but the system clearly puts you in a specific pool to be ordinary.

Simply put – get married, have kids, and die.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is precisely why success is the survival of the fittest. Because rerouting any other way, other than the way “they” taught us, you’re bound to struggle. #HungerGames

Question is, can you with stand the struggle until…?

It’s just that simple. Go to school, find a spouse, work a 9-5, have kids, and live the American dream with an honest and okay income.

If we don’t have all of that, in that order, we feel inadequate.

Stop and think about it.


If you live a non-traditional lifestyle, and you’re wondering why you have it so hard, I’m here to tell you it’s gonna be hard.

All of the fairy tales, romance dramas, and everyday life style related material you see, does not apply to you.

You create your own.

Sometimes love is not found early on. Sometimes it’s found in your forties.

Being okay with a non-traditional life, in a traditional world is tough. But if the fly by the seat of your pants, moment to moment, take your breath away, kinda life is for you, dammit enjoy and except your decision to paint with your own brush!

“Talent…is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters, and rebels.”-David Ogilvy

Born 2 Die pt. 1

In the bible Paul said, “I die daily, ” because everyday we do die–daily. Have you ever thought that maybe we’re living in the same moment over and over again? Living and dying is not dependant on the conscious (living) and unconscious (dead). One can be conscious and not living.

Paul viewed life as dying daily, because he believed in the renewal of each day, every time he woke up. Such is the way we should live life and approach the day at hand. Stop rewinding and playing the same Sunday, Monday, Friday etc., tape over and over again. You’re not living. Approach the same moment differently everyday. Be spontaneous, take risks, and die in each and every moment. An if you get the chance to do it again, here’s a tip, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

“Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.”-Drake

Take Ownership!


It is your life, your call, your game, YOUR experience. Choose to be victimized if you want too, but things are going to happen period. Whether you are at the hand of it or not. There will always be a battle to conquer, that’s the way we grow. The world cannot thrive without dualism. There has to be dark with light, good with bad, and happy with sad. It’s apart of balance. If you CHOOSE to perceive yourself as the lesser man or woman, YOU WILL BE the lesser man or woman.

The 1st step to living the life we really desire to live, has to begin with taking responsibility of the decisions we make and have made. The good the bad, the ugly, indifferent, the lost, the gain, and the happiness with the pain. Continuously blaming whatever that has happened on someone else, will keep you bound. The reality is, is that we have the power and will to make anything happen. Anything. Until we take full responsibility to directing our lives to where we want to be, we will continuously be looking at the same ole face in the mirror day after day after day. The world doesn’t open up to the people who victimize every situation. You’re simply in a prison to world whether it rains or pours. Things happen I get it. But I also believe in making things happen. Things should never happen to you, but for you. 

There’s no sense in sitting in the same pool of opportunity as other successful people and cry wolf, because of a little adversity via race, gender, or social economic class. I’m not saying any discrimination thereof is right, I’m simply saying that it’s been here before your existence, and it will be here past your existence. If a particular issue hits close to home, build your brand and help aid the issue and thrive off of it. VICTIMIZATION is one of the lowest and crippling energies out there. At the point of victimization, YOU are to blame for your OWN oppression. Because it’s your life, your call, your game, YOUR experience. In the words of Drake#ItsYours #OwnIt!