Since Tuesday I have been without my phone. I’m not that tied to it personally, but when you’re an entrepreneur, of course, your phone is the source to just about everything!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of running to a store and getting it fixed due to the size of the company.

16508469_1804531623134262_4082912131221455155_nOne thing’s for sure, I can’t stand being inconvenienced. Especially when you do everything that’s possible to make sure things don’t go astray. Ugh!

This is the reality of entrepreneurship, however. You’re constantly inconvenienced (it seems) and guess who has to take care of everything? You!

Sometimes I have to slow down and remind myself that I’ll rather deal with the small technical stuff that may go wrong versus the strains of being an employee. But man, what a task to maintain a great attitude while in the middle of being hugely inconvenienced.

I really had to stop and bring some attention to the fact that I wasn’t practicing what I preach to you on my blog. Things was getting from bad to worse to point where I was like, “This has to be a test!16649503_1804541183133306_2778654732109956553_n

These are the times when I am reminded that no matter how advanced you are, or how prepared you think  you are, you’ll learn that there’s always something you need to work on. And most times, it’s something you’ve already learned.

Positivity is just like showering. You have to practice it every day. And once you’ve got it down, the universe is going to send someone close to you to confirm that you’ve got it down.

Neville Goddard’s book “The Power of Awareness”,  “What appears to you as circumstances, conditions and even material objects is really only the product of your own consciousness.”

I think someone should do a Real World: Entrepreneurship because the way people marvel over that word, in my head I’m just like, you have no idea what balances off having the “freedom of your time”.

Well, after multiple phone calls, unread text messages, and no way to get in contact with anyone, I’m taking a minute to slow down and readjust my attitude.

Thanks for listening…


When you unintentionally tear up in Public…

I’m sitting here in public about to tear up. Make it stopppp! lol
To be a woman, an African-American one, with no background or tangible experience in the tech field, I am beyond the moon in gratitude that I am welcomed and rated.
I mean, I communicate with a ton of distinguished engineers and techies on a day-to-day basis. Like, they actually want to talk to me-me!

I will never forget what this guy (who built numerous apps) told me after I told him I went to school for the wrong thing. 
I was basically talking his ear off of about how envious I was that he had the ability and skill to take an idea on paper and build it as a tangible application.
He said, “We need you. For the engineers and app developers who know nothing about business, we need you.”
Listen…I’m so humbled! You do not know what it means to be a bridge to MANY BRILLIANT and talented young minds and ideas.
I have nothing but love and an obsession for technology and innovation. That’s it!
And as I sit here and interact with different software engineers, entrepreneurs and business owners in the tech field, agian, I’m just so grateful!
Man, oh man! I just needed to take a minute to share my gratitude and say THANK YOU!

When you’ve got it all, yet you’re still unhappy…

Let’s cut to the chase!

When your success is tied to achievements, guess what’s going to happen? Just guess.

Let’s use weight loss for an example. Here’s the conclusion from a woman’s perspective. You’re going to lose the weight, get a smaller waist, and a bigger butt and STILL feel as if you’re lacking something.


If you’re working hard at something, you’re bound to get what you want. Here’s the thing, though. You’re going to get what you want and then sabotage it.

But why would you do that, right? Great question! Here’s why.

Deep down you already know that you’ve tied your success to something or someone who can eventually leave or be taken from you.

Therefore, before you lose something or before someone walks away from you, you’ll rid yourself of it to feel as if it was a decision you made ie. had control over. Either that or you’ll always be peaking around the corner. Looking for something “better”.

Now tell me, how many times have you done that?

No worries… I’ve done it too. The fear of losing something or having someone walk away from you is real.
Here’s the short answer to solving this very real issue, although it takes a looooong process to completely grasp.
You’ve gotta be happy and content with what you have NOW. Right now! Every roll, love handle etc. All of it!
Have goals and aspirations, yes. However, don’t let those goals and aspirations (“losing the weight”) make up who you are.
Never let it take the spotlight.
You are the star of the show.
Whether you lose the weight or not. #rememberthat
The same applied for relationships. It’s never them, IT’S YOU!

When Choosing a Career…

I learn more and more, everyday, that what you choose as your profession will EFFECT your life in ways you, yourself cannot control.


“Your environment will change you, before you change it.”

For instance, lets say I married a boxer who I’ve known for years. He’s number one in his weight class and he just happened to be a pastor as well. My husband comes home one day, and he had a bad day at training. He has to go do a sermon somewhere, but it got canceled suddenly. So, he’s pissed off. He hasn’t eaten yet, and I become the target. We all know what happens next. I get physically abused.

Why would this pastor, who is successful in his career physically abuse me? The woman he knew for years? Because it’s his NATURE! He’s learned instinctively to react a certain way to anger. When angry, your brain is far more powerful emotional intelligent side of your brain is far more powerful, than your brain that thinks with reason. So, even if he’s a pastor, he will react in anger. Plus, he spends more time and practice, training his mind and body to be in sync when fighting. There’s a reason why he’s number one.

I picked him being a pastor as well as a boxer, because no matter who you are, or what title you hold, whatever you practice day in and day out, you will habitually become!

We’re talking about the brain here. It’s easy to create habits, but it’s HARD to break them.


This is why there are tests like the LSAT, MCAT, GRE etc. They’re training your mind to think like a lawyer, doctor etc. It’s the same with sororities and fraternities. They’re training you to be one of them. Think like them, dress like them, reason like them etc. That’s why people will say often that, you seem like an *insert sorority or fraternity name here. They’re characterized.


Choose your career wisely.

You don’t want to spend years in one profession, developing habits that you cannot, or prefer not, to live with down the line. Because even politicians and people who work in politics, whether by force or nature, learn to think and reason a certain way (politically). And most of the time, that certain way isn’t favorable to you or the politician, for that matter. That’s where *stereotypes come in. 

Everyday you are training to think, reason, and act a certain way. Just make sure that certain way is someone you want to be.

There are systems for every career, and every one of them that isn’t created or founded by you, will create who YOU are.

An entrepreneur.

P.S. They say all the time the key to a happy marriage is to not bring your work home. Well, that’s almost nearly impossible. Because, we are what we do. They say, learn how to separate business from personal. Well business is quite personal.

This is what they don’t tell you at the career center.

*Stereotypes are systems.