Since Tuesday I have been without my phone. I’m not that tied to it personally, but when you’re an entrepreneur, of course, your phone is the source to just about everything!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of running to a store and getting it fixed due to the size of the company.

16508469_1804531623134262_4082912131221455155_nOne thing’s for sure, I can’t stand being inconvenienced. Especially when you do everything that’s possible to make sure things don’t go astray. Ugh!

This is the reality of entrepreneurship, however. You’re constantly inconvenienced (it seems) and guess who has to take care of everything? You!

Sometimes I have to slow down and remind myself that I’ll rather deal with the small technical stuff that may go wrong versus the strains of being an employee. But man, what a task to maintain a great attitude while in the middle of being hugely inconvenienced.

I really had to stop and bring some attention to the fact that I wasn’t practicing what I preach to you on my blog. Things was getting from bad to worse to point where I was like, “This has to be a test!16649503_1804541183133306_2778654732109956553_n

These are the times when I am reminded that no matter how advanced you are, or how prepared you think  you are, you’ll learn that there’s always something you need to work on. And most times, it’s something you’ve already learned.

Positivity is just like showering. You have to practice it every day. And once you’ve got it down, the universe is going to send someone close to you to confirm that you’ve got it down.

Neville Goddard’s book “The Power of Awareness”,  “What appears to you as circumstances, conditions and even material objects is really only the product of your own consciousness.”

I think someone should do a Real World: Entrepreneurship because the way people marvel over that word, in my head I’m just like, you have no idea what balances off having the “freedom of your time”.

Well, after multiple phone calls, unread text messages, and no way to get in contact with anyone, I’m taking a minute to slow down and readjust my attitude.

Thanks for listening…


Why it’s better off you WAIT!

So, there was one thing that I always did as an overall student, person, professional, friend, or confidante. And that was, I never allowed the excitement of any endeavor or dream to get in the way of making logical decisions. Whether that was personal or professional.

Now, I’m not perfect and a few things has been successful at bamboozling me.

But, here’s why.

I never wanted to sacrifice time and development for the sake of pushing my name and brand to the top for influence, favor, or whatever else that’s opportune at the moment.

My thing is, why hop on a train you eventually knew was going to catch fire and burn to ashes? For example, in the beginning of a deal there’s some sketchy, you know what going on, yet for the possibility of being connected with the right people, you take it anyway.


No matter what it is, use the exit. No matter who it is and how much influence they have, exit. Stay away from ticking time bombs and never allow someone to manipulate you with your desires and dreams.

Just wait.


What I know for sure is, Sarah Lee would rather be a power player on the smaller scale, versus a well known fool who got taken advantage of amidst a promising deal.

I’m not afraid to put in the TIME and the work to get me where I intend to go. Because, for some journeys you cannot take a flight to your destination. Well, you can…but the experience will be different.

Be patient.

It’s all about the process. You PRO-CESSING.

I promise you, it has never done me wrong. Don’t be afraid to put the time in. Get some skin in the game and earn what you want.

It’ll be worth it and more.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Get Obsessed or Be Average

It’s late August, the 8th month of the year. We’re more than half way through 2015. Question is, what have you done? Have you stopped to think about that?

Lets get a little specific because time is moving faster than ever.

It’s Tuesday. The second day of the week, mid day. What have you done? Have you thought about that, or are you just floating through the day?

Here’s a tip to make your day and the rest of your year productive.

Minimize your goals. If you continue to only set yearly goals (when the New Year rolls around) you’ll lose your momentum– generally within the 1st month.

Chop it up a bit.

Set monthly goals – by October I want to be here. Then weekly goals – by next week I want to learn this. Then daily goals – today I will complete and finish up this and that. Write them down to remind yourself of your potential.


Daily goals are your money moves. Completing daily goals will refuel your goals and increase your momentum. It keeps your productivity up. If your goals aren’t good enough for you to plan and write out everyday, don’t except to achieve what you want. Maybe your dreams aren’t good enough for you to pay attention to.

Days, weekends, months, years. Time will pass. If you don’t plan for it, it will not plan for you. Think about your goal and life as a football game. If you’re the coach and your team is about to play in the biggest game of the season, what’s your game plan?

Charlie Munger, an investor worth 1.3 billion says, “The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

Your daily goals will refuel your ultimate plan. If you’re trying to be apart of the top 10 businesses in the country (overall goal), what are you doing today to make sure you are an outlier – a valuable asset that cannot be duplicated?

Refuel your goals and get obsessed with planning or be average.

What the finish line looks like…

As promised, I wanted to share a snippet of my Mom’s journey to this point.


If you’re wondering what I’m referring to, connect with me on Instagram at _2sharemyworld!

To continue, I wanted to share some of the things my mom had to overcome by pursuing an advanced nursing degree. By the way, you may think getting a nursing degree is simple, but any nursing student or current nurse, can confirm that it’s NOWHERE NEAR SIMPLE!

My mom’s journey has been stop and go.

She owned her own business for about 6, 7 years. She went back to work the conventional way for 8 more. For any entrepreneur, you know that;s like hell! lol 


She said she allowed people to drag her in different directions other than finishing what she wanted.

[LESSON: Stick with what you know is BEST FOR YOU! Do not take any short cuts or detours! Stay the course.]

She also said she allowed others to stress her out.

[LESSON: Learn to be a little selfish when it comes on to your goals and dreams! Your family and friends will understand. If they don’t, OH WELL! Your goal is the finish line. Not their approval.]

All of which caused her to stop her schooling for months, even a year at one point.

Then came the day her determination kicked in! You know that sick and tired of being sick and tired feeling? The one that has every curse word, in every language? Yea..that feeling. She cut down her hours at work (tight finances) and with stood the stress that surrounded her life on a daily basis.

My mom was literally coming home at 4pm to cook dinner and clean, then study. She would take a 2 hour nap, Wake back up at 3am, and study! I watched her do it myself. Yet she would come home with 95 and 97’s! Why didn’t I get that talent?! 

What was making her do so well under immense pressure? I couldn’t think of nothing else, but DETERMINATION!

With respect to her, I’m down playing the TRUE stress and sacrifices she made. 


But, I wanted to share some encouragement to anyone reading, that sometimes the journey/process last a year, a month, or 30 days. However, you have to make the sacrifices and WITHSTAND whatever you feel may be resisting you from your goal.

Trust me, I thought she was insane to continue under the conditions she was under. But, my mom’s a warrior. I kinda think she enjoys conquering the tough of the toughest! Lol

I’ll end this in saying, a dream delayed is never a dream denied!! Press forth until…

Congratulations, Mom!


The RIGHT Opportunity for YOU!

opportunity-with-Online-mba (1)Great Opportunity ahead!

What a great marketing strategy to sell to hungry young entrepreneurs!

Check this. Yet again, I am approached by another business opportunity. Within the span of 4-5 months, I’m approached by someone who offers me a “vehicle” to get me to where I intend to end up in 4 to 5 years. Quick disclaimer before I continue. I am more than grateful for the multiple opportunities I’m offered. I’m not down playing ANY opportunity that have been offered to me, and I’m always open to new others. Therefore, I’m ONLY telling you this so you’ll understand how to strategically choose when an opportunity is for you. Different strokes for different folks. Just remember, it takes an extreme amount of courage to say no, than to say yes. I’m not going to tell you how to say no, that’s up to you and your authentic reasoning as to why. However, I’ll share my way of accessing an opportunity that’s fit for me or not.


Lets jump right in, shall we?

Here’s what you DON’T do.

If you have a goal that is specifically focused in ONE area, it WILL NOT be wise to pick up EVERY opportunity that is presented to you. If you are a multitasker like me, the trick to juggling is to choose the opportunity that is in line/focus with whatever you’ve got going on currently. #ParallelActivity

Splitting yourself in two, is splitting your focus in two. Vincent Van Gogh says,

“If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well, one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of many things.”

Stick to ONE thing. Master it. Move on.

So, what makes me say no to an “opportunity” that will bring in the cash?

Anyone who tries to close the deal by stressing the potential to make money. Within 60 seconds I’ll be showing you to the door. Respectfully, of course.

Now, I’m all about having multiple streams of income. Why do you think almost every celebrity attempts to have a perfume, clothing line, sneaker, cosmetics..I can go on forever, created/named after them? It’s just another form of bringing in income. Do I want to make money? Is that a question? Heck yea! But money is NOT my driving focus. Period!

I have a defined purpose. A purpose that is not, and cannot be compromised for an opportunity that may in fact, produce residual/definite income. My purpose is my asset. Therefore if I continue to shape, mold, and build towards that asset, residual income is not an uncertainty, but a certainty.

Now here’s what I’m REALLY getting to. I’ve invested enough time, and I continually invest time daily, into personally developing myself both personally and professionally. They run hand in hand. Therefore, NO ONE on this planet can lower me with money. Because again, my purpose is defined.

Here’s a quick 4 step crash course!

Step 1: CALL ME (give me a second, I’ll explain why)!

Step 2: Find and define your purpose (asset).

Step 3: Have a Direction so others that are offering, aren’t pulling in every direction available.

Step 4: Work towards building and enhancing your purpose (asset).

It sounds too UNCOMPLICATED to be true, right? Well it’s honestly not complicated at all. It’s easy. Especially step 1! Because I’m self-aware both in my professional and personal life, I can easily say no thank you, or weigh my pro’s and con’s to determine if the opportunity will benefit me or not–if I’m on the fence. However, 98% of the time I can easily tell.

It’ll be selfish of me not take this time to solicit my services. Before I continue, keep in mind that your job (professionally) isn’t to make money. Yea..everyone has been LYING TO YOU. It’s to build something (an asset) that will. That’s where I come in. I’m a personal, career, and business development consultant. My job, purpose rather, is to get you going on the path to step 2, defining your purpose. The rest is all you. Once your purpose is put in place, and personally defined, the rest is easy.

How do I strategically plan? I don’t. There’s no need when I know my purpose, a.k.a. where I’m headed.

“Life is about growth and change. Anybody pretending to be anything other than who they really are, will never ever reach their personal potential. You cannot do it, it impossible. What is real is, and what is lasting, is who you are and what YOU ARE MEANT TO BRING. What is the gift you are meant to bring? No one can take that away from you.”- Oprah Winfrey

Discover and find that potential with me.


I’ll take you to the water, it’s up to you to drink..

(By the way..that’s an office selfie. You can’t get more personal than that! From my desk to your desktop/laptop!) 🙂

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6 Principles to Becoming a Household Name #SelfMadeVol1


As conspired by the universe I’ve been raised by two parents who would rather build and create their own rules before following someone else’s. Therefore it’s natural for me to go against the grain and become a self-made entrepreneur. Thanks Mom and Dad! 🙂

I’ve been very successful and am humbled to be recognized as a well-known person/professional (household name) in my city/town. It wasn’t some systematic grand plan, it just happened. A large part of my success is due to self-awareness and the ability to stand firm and be vocal for the things that I want and don’t want. Its the reason why I am an advocate for authenticity and self-awareness. As I’ve come along, I’ve recognized that there are some small simple principles to abide by, when wanting to be considered as a household name. I’m here to share the goods! Here are my 6 principles:

  1. Give—Reciprocity

First, you gotta be willing to give, serve for the lack of a better term. It’s the same I scratch your back, you scratch mine method. When you support others, subconsciously they are obliged to reciprocate the support. Whether financial, small gift giving, or even just showing up is a form of support. Find the issue(s) you want to target and the organizations or small groups that are associated with those issues, and start by being the unfamiliar face in the room. Soon you’ll put a name with the face. For the beginning of your journey, for now, that’s all you’ll need. Always remember, this is a marathon not a sprint. Do not force your presence in a room, ever!

2. Consistency—Voluntary. Active. Commitment.

This is the leg work that counts! Once you’ve become a bit familiar, now it’s time to deliver. Be consistent, be proficient, and be passionate about the issues and the platform you stand for.  Volunteer your time, be active, and ask about small commitments that can be made. Taking on too much is a recipe to light and burn your brand. Stay committed!

3. Cooperate—Be Likable

People say yes to the people that they like. Say it with me: Similarities, compliments, and cooperation. Point out the similarities that you identify with, whether it’s with the company, business, and/or person.

Next, express genuine compliments. The key word here is GENUINE! People are not stupid. They can smell b.s. a mile away, even when you think you’re being clever. Remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Last, be cooperative. Go with the flow. You want them to consider you or else you would not have approached them. People love a team player. Be one!

4. Experience—Become an Expert

Everyone needs credentials, and I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you’ve acquired some type of knowledge or skill. Be very communicative. Layout your benefits letting them know why they need you, and what makes you unique. That is what you’re going to use to sell yourself. Make sure you’ve perfected that skill to the point where you can perform at the highest level possible every time, with your eyes closed and your hands tied to your back. NO ONE can deny that! Become a master at what you do.

A large part of exemplifying expertise or authority is your wardrobe. The slogan dress for success is not something someone just came up with, it scientifically proven to be extremely persuasive. They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” well 95% of the population on planet earth do. It sucks, but it’s the truth. Within the 1st couple seconds, people will have made up their minds of what they think about you. Make a solid good impression by what you have on, before you speak. It works like magic.

    5. Accessibility—Become A Scarce Resource

No one likes someone who is ALWAYS available. Well they do, but the respect level is not as high as you want it to be when considering yourself as a qualified professional who will kill the game if given an opportunity. Sure you have all the time in the world, but it’s a necessity to become proficient at juggling. Begin practicing a new trade, or commit yourself to more than one thing. Some people will shy away from this and call it something else, however too much accessibility devalues your brand. It’s worth the risk. In the words of Sean Paul, get busy! 🙂

  1. Validation—It’s Name Dropping Time!

Last but not least, it’s time to call for back up! Jobs ask for references to back-up your word for validation. Be able to provide personal numbers and names with the people you’ve worked for. This means you would’ve had to create an amazing relationship with the previous employer, and now friend. Number six is directly aligned with number four, your credentials. Name dropping increases your brand by a long shot. Keep a good clean track record, and your consensus and authoritative expertise will be the icing on the cake.

There you have it, the 6 principles to becoming a household name.

A quick disclaimer:

All of the principles outlined above, give each other reasoning. They’re all interconnected. For instance, without consistently serving, which will in turn provide the expertise to be a scarce resource, will make you look ridiculous. Build and give your name value before you decide to get Hollywood, as they call it, on people. Only professionals with extreme leverage and adequate concrete expertise, can and will become a scarce resource. Not by choice, but because everyone is requesting their service. Therefore, read and take my principles literal, with the intent of following through which each one. As I said before, all are interconnected. If you plan to apply each separately your going to crash and burn before you start.