Put it ALL in perspective.

The hardest moments of your life will be when you’re transitioning from one version of yourself to another.

The pressure of personal and professional advancement will get heavier. It’ll be as if a large piece of cement has been laid on your chest and as time passes, it gets heavier and heavier. As this is happening, your tolerance for certain things, things that may not have bothered you before, will become unbearable. You’re losing oxygen and now you’re seconds away from panicking. To reduce the pressure you have to either decrease your altitude immediately or ride it out until you get to your destination.

Ride it out.

With altitude, some people and things are just going to flat-out die: Relationships, friendships, habits, old desires etc.

As things begin to fall off, proceed with your pursuit and continue to go higher. The weight that needs to fall off, will. Don’t be afraid of a little chaos. Let the chaos relieve the pressure as you go higher.

When you’re walking in a life of vision and purpose, you have to come to the realization that not everyone is going to be down with what you’re doing, and you just have to be okay with that.

It’s a long narrow and winding road for sure. But, I guarantee you it’s a road worth taking.

Put what you want into perspective.

Go all in for what you know to be true and allow yourself to be everything good, bad, and/or ugly when necessary. All of it contributes to the making of your journey.

This is life. Pressure and all.

Life isn’t happening to you, but for you.

The things that remind me of me.

Have you seen this? I’m literally in tears after watching this!

Wow! Such a touching video! Salute to Tim McGraw.

I find the most intimate and rewarding gifts of life being our differences. Our different colors, beliefs, practices, traditions, creativity etc.

Creativity- To see something others cannot see and then share that back.-Jason Silva

That gets me excited! It makes my heart jump, because it gives me an opportunity to explore things other than myself.

It challenges me and stretches me outside the box. It’s like taking someone’s pair of eyes and seeing life anew. It’s one of the things that brings me to tears.

This video reminds me of my passion to learn. It’s like magically going on a quest to find something intangibly amazing. #theroadtoawe – Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

Two days ago on Twitter I wrote:

My life is an experience. That’s all I want to do; experience. Experience the wealth of love, growth, and service. That’s all I want. To experience. Nothing more. I want to experience every facet of life, and write about it, then leave it for others to explore.

Anyhow, with all the things going on world wide, it feels amazing to see people acknowledge the beauty of our differences that interconnect us all.

Lets take care of each other. We’re all headed one place, so let’s make the journey worthwhile! Unify…

“It won’t be a waste of time. Always stay humble and kind.”-Tim McGraw

2 Express

Feel, feel, feel as much as you can. I urge you!

That’s what were here to do. To experience and to FEEL. – Emotion lies a bed of purpose and it’s what we remember.


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Get carried away..because like Ronald Barthes said in A Lover’s Discourse,

“Love is a scene that was seen for the 1st time..” the feeling is already, “…distinct, abrupt, framed, it is already a memory.”

You have an empty canvass to paint. Whatever you do, just don’t leave it blank…

Don’t Trust my Opinion, Trust My Experience: 20/20


“If you can dream it you can do it.” -Walt Disney

Yesterday I was doing a little thinking, and it was geared towards you, my readers. Maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot, but I critique everything I write and have written so far. As if it was never good enough or I didn’t explain what I wanted to say as accurately as possible. Yea, I’m working on releasing that suffocating thought.

However, I try very hard to be the most authentic as I possibly can, which takes extreme vulnerability. That’s another quite suffocating task that I am working on. Vulnerability seems pretty scary, but as we all know, fear is an illusion.

Anyhow, I began practicing different personal tactics to become more comfortable in sharing a raw experience, to make sure that I am being as practical as I possibly can. I don’t want to separate myself from people, especially my readers, because I am a regular individual born and bred just as they are.

Out of all the blog posts, opinions, and revelations etc., I only advise that you fully receive this one. I mean, read them all, but really immerse yourself in this one. Don’t trust my opinion, trust my experience.

Trust my journey.

Listen, follow, and be attentive to my journey. Everything that I share and advise I actively practice. A little obsessively, but there is nothing that I share that I don’t currently do or have done. I have come so far, and have found the need for sharing as I go. As Oprah says, “When you learn, teach.” Now LISTEN!

What you focus on, you will become. #GrabYourFocus

The power of visualization is like magic. Use it! Dream, visualize, imagine and act out those dreams.

It’s that easy!

Stay positive and stray away from any and everything negative. Remember, what you want for others, you will get yourself. So want and wish positive things for yourself and others. If you have a dream and you can’t see it yet, buckle down and work on increasing your faith and belief.

Go all in!

I’m going to share with you what goes on in my head, because I dream and imagine a-lot! Out of habit, I explore images or moments (like a movie) where I feel the most comfortable, content, and satisfied. I would then pick that one moment that made me feel like I’ve “done it”. To be a little plainer, I’ll visualize my Nene Leaks moment. You know the,I have arrived! moment. lol If you don’t know who Nene Leaks is, forget I just SAID that.

There’s one small thing I want to point out before I go further. I make it a habit to be present. I began to realize that awesome events were passing me by, because I was always two steps ahead, not consciously living in each moment.

Trust me, there’s nothing worse than reaching a life changing moment and not fully remembering each step it took to get there. Like you were there, but you weren’t there—consciously. Pay attention to that and make sure you achieve some sort of balance. Your achievements are nothing without each memory, cut, and/or bruise it took to receive each one.

So here’s what goes on in my head and what my defining moment looks like.

“Imagine a perfect cool climate in California just before the sun sets. If you look into the horizon, not that far, you see a huge vineyard just beyond the back porch. See it?  Okay, that vineyard and back porch is behind my house. I envision myself walking out on the balcony of my home, slowly stretching my hands across the railing to view my backyard. The one single thing I’ve always wanted as a child, a vineyard. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, soaking in the present moment. Just as goosebumps begin running up my arms, I suddenly feel a hand touch my hand and another move from my back towards my torso.  Slightly tense, I lean to the right and peak out of one eye and it’s my husband. For a half a second there I say in my head, “This man almost lost his life sneaking up on me like that.” lol Without saying a word, he stands behind me and we just gaze into our back yard in gratitude of the empire we have worked so diligently to build. We get about a little over 60 seconds to mentally disappear, until two rugrats come running behind us. Suddenly we’re instantly reminded how much more awesome our lives are, because our two little ones, and maybe another on the way. SURPRISE! What till he hears. Ha!”

Do you see the simplicity in dreaming?

It’s so easy. Start dreaming now, and create the space you want to live in. I am just an ordinary person, dreaming extraordinarily, and expecting extraordinary results.

What you don’t see now, you will see later.  Not knowing who, what, where, when, or how. I don’t see what I cannot have forever. #NoEndZone I’m staying positive and surrounding myself with individuals who share those same qualities.

After all, the best part about life is that we are the sole creators of our own universe.

“Life is a menu. Whatever you order for your life will be served to you.”-Tyrese

Have a vision, and say yes to your greatness!

If you don’t believe me, and think I’m sharing this information for whatever purpose you assume, sit back and watch my journey. Don’t trust my opinion, trust my experience.

Live abundantly!

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem