Millennial Millionaire in the Making

I’m a 27-year old single gal with no kids. I casually date here and there and obsessively seek ways to better myself personally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Sorry to break the news to ya, but we will not be talking about my dating life. It’s not up for discussion! lol What I will let you in on, however, is my finances.

When 2017 began I dedicated myself to actively build my wealth and track my finances. While I was sitting in my home office doing my accounting, I thought that I should share a few things that I’m currently doing to build wealth.

Most articles preach about credit card debt and impulse buying. I never had any credit card debt (only college debt), and if I’m going to the mall I’d more than likely come out with food before clothes. Many articles also talk about retirement as well. The thing is, the idea of saving for retirement is a little hard to wrap your mind around when you’re young. If you didn’t have parents who sat you down to explain it, it’ll be a little hard to convince anyone that starting now is the best thing you can do for yourself as a twenty-something year old. I’ll come back to saving for your retirement later, let’s move on for now.

There’s a saying that I repeat to my Facebook audience when I’m discussing money. That saying is, money disappears from those who has no plans on what to do with it. My point being, if you don’t have a plan for your money every 2 weeks when your paycheck hits your account, it will go quicker than you can sneeze.


Here’s a scenario. Let’s say you’re someone like me. You don’t spend much on clothes or entertainment. You’re casually dating, and when I say casually dating, I don’t mean you’re out on dates a lot. I mean there maybe 1 or 2 people you’re interested in and you’ve both found other ways to enjoy each other’s company outside of spending a $100 each time you meet. PSA: Dating is also an expense!

Moving on… You work a regular 9-5, you make sure your bills are paid, and you’re always left with about 2-3 hundred dollars to spare. Not bad, but you can’t seem to build a reputable savings account. What can you do with what you have right now, to not only build a strong savings account but to also have a little play money on the side?

Let’s practically break this down.

Point #1 Track every dollar you spend

You know the 3-5 dollars that you spend on coffee every morning without thinking or the $1.50 burger you quickly pick up through the drive-through? Those few dollars are severely hitting your account more than any other $30-50 purchase (to splurge), although you tumblr_m5h1ywslUS1qcz4s2o1_400think you’re saving money by eating a $2 meal. In this case, it’s not about the amount. It’s about the fact that you’re blindly spending without thought or any real reason. The $50 facial and spa that you paid for because you had a rough couple weeks was thought about. You looked around and compared prices. You found a Groupon or asked a couple of friends to come with you for a group discount. Again, it’s less about the amount of money spent and more so about how you practice spending your money. It’s possible that your daily coffee and $2 meal purchases supersede your once in a blue moon $30-50 purchases. Let me tell you, $1.50 burgers add up! Track what you spend.

Point #2 Properly Save

Depending on how much you make, always put a percentage of your paycheck in a savings account. You should have a minimum of $1,000 in savings in case of emergency AT ALL TIMES. Make it clear to yourself that a saving account is for emergency purposes. It’s not extra money you have to spend. Never touch your savings, even if you really need it. Oh, and FYI, being short on your rent or phone bill is not an emergency. You can borrow $200 from a friend. Leave your savings alone! It’s for emergencies ONLY, nothing else.

(Some may say that rent is an emergency, I say NOT WHEN YOU HAVE A PLAN AND BUDGET it’s not.)

Point #3 Take care of your credit If you have student loans like me, start making minimum payments on it. You can make payments as low as $5 a month. Bank accounts as well. If you have money you owe, call them up and begin a payment plan. Even though you’re swimming in debt, proof that you’re paying it off ON TIME counts for something. If credit card debt is something you need to tackle, click

P.S. If credit card debt is something you need to tackle, click here.

Point #4 Retirement

Open an IRA, even if you have a retirement plan at work. Some may say, you’re not old today, why start now? Easy answer, whatever you put towards your retirement today can possibly double if not triple when you’re quote on quote old. More importantly, your contributions may be tax-deductible (depending on your income), but your eventual withdrawals will be treated as taxable income. Click here to read more. The earlier you start the better.


Here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW!

Start with creating both a personal and operating monthly budget. Write down the prices of all of the things you need to be in tip-top shape every single day. You’re operating budget should list your monthly rent, car payment, phone bill, and health insurance etc. Your personal budget should entail things like hair, clothes, travel, and the cost for personal education (books, online classes) etc. The difference between your personal and operating budget is that one has a list of needs, the other wants. Once you’ve created both lists, you can accurately make decisions on what you can minimize in order to keep more money in your pocket.

Personal Budget Example: If you need a suit for a work trip go to Goodwill instead of buying a brand new suit. Besides, you should always have ONE tailored expensive suit in your closet. For the ladies, instead of buying hair and then paying someone to do it, either learn how to do it yourself or get creative with the hair on your head.

Operating Budget Example: Always, always be on the search for better deals! You can negotiate things like your health or car insurance. All you have to do is ask! Google for better prices, call up your provider and get to work. *Bonus: If you’re mainly using your phone for work, ask your job if they’ll pay for it or if you’re a business owner you can write off your bill.

Next Steps: Go to and open an account to start saving for your retirement. It’s really easy to open up and all of the information as to how it works is there.

There you have it! That’s it for now. This is what I’m actively doing to build my wealth. I think I’m going to do a part 2 on how to increase your income without having to ask for a raise. Who knows? You may even get to hand in a 3 weeks notice. Stay tuned!


Building wealth and making a comfortable income is not as hard as you think. I promise you, you don’t have to bust your ass to get the job done. It’s all about working smart and not hard!

Now that you have the information, apply it.

P.S. If you know of any other tips, please share! I’m always looking for better ways to save or to increase my income.

P.S.S. Check out Checkbook on Facebook for great times on how to save.

The Fool & His Money Will Depart

Have you ever thought about what you’ll do if someone were to wire $600,000 into your bank account?

No? Okay. Let’s make this more realistic.

Say, $50,000… Do you know what you’ll do with $50,000?

Let me guess, you’ll pay off some debt, give some to your parents (buy them a house), and splurge a bit. I mean, it’s your money, right?

Well, here’s why you’ll lose that money quicker than you can say Sarah Lee.

Let me make this clear first.

There’s nothing wrong with doing any of the three things I mentioned above. Seriously!

Pay off your debt and please, give your mom and pop something, or you’re going to hell (that’s not in the holy book, but it should be!). I’m saying… 

But here’s the real reason why you’ll be among the plenty who’ve received a ton of cash and have nothing to show for it.

>>>P L A N N I N G!<<<

Have you written down what you’ll do with $10,000? How about $1,000? Better yet, a $100? 

Are you catching my drift? 

The money (receiving a ton of money) is not the issue. Not knowing what you’ll do with it is. 

Money without a plan has no value. 

Where there’s no order (a system where you can keep track of penny) it will go everywhere. Literally! Sooner or later you’ll be wondering where it went. #AFool&HisMoney #Exiting

So again, if someone wired $600,000 to your account right now, what would you do with it?


*That’s me telling you to get off your device and pick up a pen and paper and WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU’LL DO WITH EVERY PENNY! If you’re serious anyways.


Listen to me, because I know everybody is trying to be wealthy and retire early.

You must plan for a wealthy, successful, and prosperous life.

Because you’ll get the money, the perfect partner, and all the material success your money gives you access too; but, can you keep it?

Write out every detail (down to the last penny).

P.S. By doing so (writing out a plan of action, a POA) you’re signaling the universe to somehow make it possible for you to access that kinda money. By the time you do, you’ll be ready!

Credit, credit, credit! Blah, blah…blah?

I got a letter yesterday in the mail and bam! My credit score was at the bottom and it seems as if it took another hit. I was doing so good too. What, why, and who did this?! Can you guess? Sallie Mae! smh

I’m a 26-year-old college grad , and now homeowner, who decided a year ago to rip up all of my sustainable finances to pursue a life I felt was fit for me. Now, I’m here. Completed tailored into a more self-sustaining woman and business woman than I thought (keyword, thought) I was before.

It’s daunting to outsiders, but to me? Adulthood is complete…you know what!

No, I was never one of those young teenagers and pre-young adults who took out credit cards and paid for useless depreciating things–  as society likes to display every young and vibrant individual to the world. Lets not mention that young people are their target audience. We won’t get into that, though.

Before writing this post, I had to make a choice. Do I dog the cost of education and the quality of it, or do I dog the lack of resources provided? Hmm…

Well, I’m going to do neither. I believe that every individual, when lacking knowledge in any form or fashion, has the responsibility to learn what they did not learn. It sucks, but after a certain age IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LEARN IT. Did I mention that it sucks?



Facing your debt and figuring out how you’re going to tackle it is very scary. But, if debt scares you so much that you choose not to deal with it, it has done its job and ultimately debt has indefinitely won.

Brittany, 30-year-old lawyer living in the Seattle-Metro area, shares a tip on how to handle debt. I’ve heard of the Snowball method before, but after receiving that letter yesterday, her blog post couldn’t be more timely.

Checkout her blog post that explains, What Is The Snowball Method.

Take it from me… Don’t be a pawn for profit! Take a step towards eliminating your debt.

My Impromtu Weekend Experiment is Complete

Today I just got back from Tallahassee, FL. It was Florida States Homecoming. Honestly I just went to see my brother and some of my friends and colleagues, it just happened to be FSU’s Homecoming. It was so refreshing to be there because I haven’t been back in almost 7 months and I was dying from some young professional excitement and dialogue.

Although I shouldn’t have went (now I’m backed up on emails etc) I went anyways. I got to spend a little over 40 hours and of course I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to see.

On the ride back I realized that I may sometimes be like a lightning flash. If you blink, you just might miss me and I understand that it can be frustrating. Especially for my friends. I come and I go. But, I’m just one person.

I used to think I can do everything and be everywhere. The crazy thing is I did do everything and I was everywhere, once upon a time.

However, a more strategic side of me has FB_IMG_1447468481637emerged since college. Doing everything, being everywhere, with everyone is not where it’s at anymore. Like I said, I’m one persona and my energy is a bit more stabilized these days.

Here’s what I’ve noticed since I’ve took myself away from the cycled excitement and complacent routine way of living.

The grass really isn’t greener on the other side. The sun sets and rises the same way on your side as on the other. It may LOOK one way (greener), but it’s just the same ole, same ole with tiny adjustments.

Remember, the man who chases two rabbits catches none. You have to pick and choose. If you choose one thing, forget about the other. If you keep reminiscing on the old you’ll start to trick yourself in thinking that what you left is greener than the side you chose. Again, it’s just the same ole, same ole with tiny adjustments.

Double your focus down on ONE thing.

Find that one motivator that gets you focused. Instantly.

You gotta figure out which one of the M’s you are.

  • Money
  • Mating
  • Mastery
  • Momentum

Mine is Mastery. I work for it. That’s my thing.

Find your motivator, and focus on it. If Mating is your thing, DON’T entertain opportunities that are focused solely on making Money. By the way, it’s not effective to do both. Choose one and optimize upon it. Everything else will come.

This weekend trip showed me that I’m not missing anything. Everything’s relatively the same. An although where I’m at may not be the type of city to cradle the young woman in me, it’s up to me to create the space I need and to water my own grass in order to achieve what I want where I’m at right now until I move on.

My little lesson and realization from the weekend.

Here’s 4 ways I make extra money!

How Can I Make Extra Money Online or From My Phone?

Many people ask me how am I able to travel a-lot. First and foremost, I think it has a lot to do with how we are prioritizing our money, but this post is not for that. I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how you can make an extra income online, part-time or full-time.


I believe in having multiple streams of income. Not only from a mainstream job, but one where I can make money as I sleep. The 4 resources that I’m going to list, mainly fits the group that spend a lot of time online, shopping, or on their cell phone.

I will be posting a separate post related more closely to business and entrepreneurship use. The tactics are endless, and I’m here to SHARE! 🙂

Okay enough small talk, let’s get to it!

***Disclaimer: All of the tips and resources I’m giving you, are all of the resources that I use PERSONALLY! There’s nothing I’m giving you that I don’t already use myself. 

  1. Ibotta

Ibotta is a free mobile app that gives consumers a new way to earn money. All you have to do is, join Ibotta, sign up – it’s quick and free! Join Now 1st, unlock the rebates. Before you shop online, unlock cash back rewards on great products by completing simple tasks. Then shop online. Use the Shop Now button on to visit your favorite retailer websites and make purchases. Next up is to –> Get Cash! Your purchase is verified within 5 days and cash is deposited into your account within two weeks.

  2. Paid2Save

Paid2Save is also a mobile app that gives you the opportunity to shop and make money while you shop. The app is one of my favorites! It’s pretty new, but you basically shop and share the app. I find this stream of income to be the most organic. All you have to do is download the app, shop, and share the app with your friends and family. They’ll use the app share and do the same.

Once you download the app you’ll need to enter this number 1336785 to get in. Once you’re in, you’ll receive a number. That will be the number you’ll give to others, once you share the app. The number gives you access to use the app. Like I said, it’s similar to Ibotta, but I find it to be easier, but I use both.

For more information click HERE!

  3. TSU

TSU is similar to Facebook. You create a profile and update your status, share photos, gifs, videos etc. The idea behind TSU is to be consistent with updating and providing content on your profile. That is how you make money. Being consistent on your page will grow your followers and friends. More people seeing and interacting on your page generates the income, You want people to like and share your content. And your content does not have to be that deep. You can share cats, meme’s, balloons etc., and make money! Cool, right?!

Click to take a look at my profile —-> 2sharemyworld.

‘m still trying to build my followers and friends, it’s just the time! I making the intention to put a little more time and focus to generate the income that I want from TSU.

 4.  InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a website that allows you to make money by taking surveys. That’s it! If you love taking survey’s, this is for you! InboxDollars also has a mobile app.

The best way to earn fluid income is to download InboxDollars’ search toolbar. Use the toolbar like you use Google. Every time you use the toolbar, you make money. Who doesn’t search everything these days? I know I do!

So, are you ready to make you money fold?

Put the time in, and you’ll have extra money to travel, go out, buy more clothes, put into savings, pay for your car note, or just to have extra dollars in your pocket! 

Start today!!



Be on the look out next week so I can show you how businesses, entrepreneurs, and regular people like you and me, make money online off of Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Blogging etc.

One of my goals is to show YOU, how you can travel more, for CHEAP!! Check out my travels tab. I have some tips and techniques listed there. 🙂