Sunday Funday!

I woke up this morning planning to spend my entire day at home, half of the time in the bed. It’s Sunday! I wanted to have a pretty chill day.

All of a sudden I got a huge urge to go out and do something exciting. I wasn’t too sure what, however, I knew I wanted it to be mentally stimulating. So I got up and decided that I was going to drive 2hrs away to go to a contemporary art museum. Who does that? Me!

Who does that? Me!

Now get this. I drove 2 hours away just to find out that I’m not the biggest fan of contemporary art. Although I appreciate all different kinds of art, pictures and paintings of random things like a ceiling fan aren’t my cup of tea. I prefer science, nature, and technology museums as well as museums with old, historic, classic collections similar to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (I’m still waiting to go) and the Morgan Library Museum. (See photo below.)


At the contemporary art museum there were a few, about TWO pieces that I saw that caught my attention. As I was finishing up viewing the last room on the 2nd floor, I saw an illuminated room with a ton of kids and a hand full of adults. Seeing all of the kids almost made me not look twice in that direction, largely because I thought that it must have been a playroom for the kids.

When I stepped into the room I saw stations. I then realized that the room is dedicated to popular movies and their costume designs, Star Trek being the feature. At the stations you can sketch your own design and drawings. How cool is that? My day was made! I pull and chair and started sketching.

Quickly, I pulled up a chair and started sketching.


At each station, they provide you with stencils, markers, color pencils and more to sketch your own.

The first sketch I made was of a woman with no face. A really ugly woman with manly legs. lol I added a smile towards the end after I decided to color her clothing.


After my failure of a sketch, I switched stations and decided to take another crack at it. This time my station was closer to the area near the manikins and the fabric. I mention that because ever since Katrina hit, a very powerful hurricane to hit the U.S. southeast region, I have been sketching and drawing gowns. In the future I will have a room in my home reflecting that exact same layout.

As you can imagine, I was geeked! Like a kid in a candy store.


By the end of the day, I thought, “Eh! As horrible as this looks, maybe this is contemporary art?” *shrugs Haha!

All in all, this way a fun day!

Below you’ll find two masterpieces that I created and actually autographed, from today. I think they had a board that displayed the drawings. I think.

I know what you’re thinking… No, I didn’t throw it away. I folded it up and put it in my purse. It will be on my fridge when I get home. I was too embarrassed. lol But now that I look at it, I didn’t do half bad, huh? 🙂

After all, art is ART!