Millennial Millionaire in the Making

I’m a 27-year old single gal with no kids. I casually date here and there and obsessively seek ways to better myself personally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Sorry to break the news to ya, but we will not be talking about my dating life. It’s not up for discussion! lol What I will let you in on, however, is my finances.

When 2017 began I dedicated myself to actively build my wealth and track my finances. While I was sitting in my home office doing my accounting, I thought that I should share a few things that I’m currently doing to build wealth.

Most articles preach about credit card debt and impulse buying. I never had any credit card debt (only college debt), and if I’m going to the mall I’d more than likely come out with food before clothes. Many articles also talk about retirement as well. The thing is, the idea of saving for retirement is a little hard to wrap your mind around when you’re young. If you didn’t have parents who sat you down to explain it, it’ll be a little hard to convince anyone that starting now is the best thing you can do for yourself as a twenty-something year old. I’ll come back to saving for your retirement later, let’s move on for now.

There’s a saying that I repeat to my Facebook audience when I’m discussing money. That saying is, money disappears from those who has no plans on what to do with it. My point being, if you don’t have a plan for your money every 2 weeks when your paycheck hits your account, it will go quicker than you can sneeze.


Here’s a scenario. Let’s say you’re someone like me. You don’t spend much on clothes or entertainment. You’re casually dating, and when I say casually dating, I don’t mean you’re out on dates a lot. I mean there maybe 1 or 2 people you’re interested in and you’ve both found other ways to enjoy each other’s company outside of spending a $100 each time you meet. PSA: Dating is also an expense!

Moving on… You work a regular 9-5, you make sure your bills are paid, and you’re always left with about 2-3 hundred dollars to spare. Not bad, but you can’t seem to build a reputable savings account. What can you do with what you have right now, to not only build a strong savings account but to also have a little play money on the side?

Let’s practically break this down.

Point #1 Track every dollar you spend

You know the 3-5 dollars that you spend on coffee every morning without thinking or the $1.50 burger you quickly pick up through the drive-through? Those few dollars are severely hitting your account more than any other $30-50 purchase (to splurge), although you tumblr_m5h1ywslUS1qcz4s2o1_400think you’re saving money by eating a $2 meal. In this case, it’s not about the amount. It’s about the fact that you’re blindly spending without thought or any real reason. The $50 facial and spa that you paid for because you had a rough couple weeks was thought about. You looked around and compared prices. You found a Groupon or asked a couple of friends to come with you for a group discount. Again, it’s less about the amount of money spent and more so about how you practice spending your money. It’s possible that your daily coffee and $2 meal purchases supersede your once in a blue moon $30-50 purchases. Let me tell you, $1.50 burgers add up! Track what you spend.

Point #2 Properly Save

Depending on how much you make, always put a percentage of your paycheck in a savings account. You should have a minimum of $1,000 in savings in case of emergency AT ALL TIMES. Make it clear to yourself that a saving account is for emergency purposes. It’s not extra money you have to spend. Never touch your savings, even if you really need it. Oh, and FYI, being short on your rent or phone bill is not an emergency. You can borrow $200 from a friend. Leave your savings alone! It’s for emergencies ONLY, nothing else.

(Some may say that rent is an emergency, I say NOT WHEN YOU HAVE A PLAN AND BUDGET it’s not.)

Point #3 Take care of your credit If you have student loans like me, start making minimum payments on it. You can make payments as low as $5 a month. Bank accounts as well. If you have money you owe, call them up and begin a payment plan. Even though you’re swimming in debt, proof that you’re paying it off ON TIME counts for something. If credit card debt is something you need to tackle, click

P.S. If credit card debt is something you need to tackle, click here.

Point #4 Retirement

Open an IRA, even if you have a retirement plan at work. Some may say, you’re not old today, why start now? Easy answer, whatever you put towards your retirement today can possibly double if not triple when you’re quote on quote old. More importantly, your contributions may be tax-deductible (depending on your income), but your eventual withdrawals will be treated as taxable income. Click here to read more. The earlier you start the better.


Here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW!

Start with creating both a personal and operating monthly budget. Write down the prices of all of the things you need to be in tip-top shape every single day. You’re operating budget should list your monthly rent, car payment, phone bill, and health insurance etc. Your personal budget should entail things like hair, clothes, travel, and the cost for personal education (books, online classes) etc. The difference between your personal and operating budget is that one has a list of needs, the other wants. Once you’ve created both lists, you can accurately make decisions on what you can minimize in order to keep more money in your pocket.

Personal Budget Example: If you need a suit for a work trip go to Goodwill instead of buying a brand new suit. Besides, you should always have ONE tailored expensive suit in your closet. For the ladies, instead of buying hair and then paying someone to do it, either learn how to do it yourself or get creative with the hair on your head.

Operating Budget Example: Always, always be on the search for better deals! You can negotiate things like your health or car insurance. All you have to do is ask! Google for better prices, call up your provider and get to work. *Bonus: If you’re mainly using your phone for work, ask your job if they’ll pay for it or if you’re a business owner you can write off your bill.

Next Steps: Go to and open an account to start saving for your retirement. It’s really easy to open up and all of the information as to how it works is there.

There you have it! That’s it for now. This is what I’m actively doing to build my wealth. I think I’m going to do a part 2 on how to increase your income without having to ask for a raise. Who knows? You may even get to hand in a 3 weeks notice. Stay tuned!


Building wealth and making a comfortable income is not as hard as you think. I promise you, you don’t have to bust your ass to get the job done. It’s all about working smart and not hard!

Now that you have the information, apply it.

P.S. If you know of any other tips, please share! I’m always looking for better ways to save or to increase my income.

P.S.S. Check out Checkbook on Facebook for great times on how to save.

The Fool & His Money Will Depart

Have you ever thought about what you’ll do if someone were to wire $600,000 into your bank account?

No? Okay. Let’s make this more realistic.

Say, $50,000… Do you know what you’ll do with $50,000?

Let me guess, you’ll pay off some debt, give some to your parents (buy them a house), and splurge a bit. I mean, it’s your money, right?

Well, here’s why you’ll lose that money quicker than you can say Sarah Lee.

Let me make this clear first.

There’s nothing wrong with doing any of the three things I mentioned above. Seriously!

Pay off your debt and please, give your mom and pop something, or you’re going to hell (that’s not in the holy book, but it should be!). I’m saying… 

But here’s the real reason why you’ll be among the plenty who’ve received a ton of cash and have nothing to show for it.

>>>P L A N N I N G!<<<

Have you written down what you’ll do with $10,000? How about $1,000? Better yet, a $100? 

Are you catching my drift? 

The money (receiving a ton of money) is not the issue. Not knowing what you’ll do with it is. 

Money without a plan has no value. 

Where there’s no order (a system where you can keep track of penny) it will go everywhere. Literally! Sooner or later you’ll be wondering where it went. #AFool&HisMoney #Exiting

So again, if someone wired $600,000 to your account right now, what would you do with it?


*That’s me telling you to get off your device and pick up a pen and paper and WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU’LL DO WITH EVERY PENNY! If you’re serious anyways.


Listen to me, because I know everybody is trying to be wealthy and retire early.

You must plan for a wealthy, successful, and prosperous life.

Because you’ll get the money, the perfect partner, and all the material success your money gives you access too; but, can you keep it?

Write out every detail (down to the last penny).

P.S. By doing so (writing out a plan of action, a POA) you’re signaling the universe to somehow make it possible for you to access that kinda money. By the time you do, you’ll be ready!

Tune in and go get it!

Remember: You can ONLY attract to you the qualities in which you posses.

Therefore whatever you resist, you are drawing to you. Resistance is fear. What you fear, you are or will become.

The time you spend thinking, feeling, or outwardly acting and expressing yourself about the things you don’t want, is attracting and manifesting what you’re spending time on in abundance.


Let go of the things you don’t want and pick up the things you get.

Get AWAY from the people you do not desire to be and GET AROUND those that you do.

MOVE to the place you want to live.

LOVE the person you want without trying to match everything up.

GO after the things, unicorns, and aspirations you deem impossible.

More (magic) is what you’ll get. ABUNDANCE.

Just DO IT!


When we thought he/she was the ONE…

I’m going to give you all some FREE advice.
You want to know how to be successful in every aspect of you life? Financially, romantically, professionally, casually?
Be present and give others a space for them to be themselves – even if you’re not given that courtesy.
Give others that space and MORE will be given to you.
People are the key. In business, in friendship, and definitely in relationships.
Pay attention, build a powerful social circle, and don’t be random according to how you choose the people to be around. Bump up the importance of who you allow in your life. #filteraccordingly
We acclimate to what “we” think is normal. Therefore, people are easier to read than you think.
In hindsight, you get what you give and you lose what you’re not.
P.S. We’re dying to be ourselves! 😉
Her name is Consistency.

This is one of my BIGGEST fears!

Let’s jump right in, shall we?
You wanna know what ONE of my biggest fears is?
Settling for a life that’s easy. Settling for one that makes sense and fits into normalcy. One that’s traditionally correct and appeasing to the religious standard. One that ultimately looks great immediately at face value and on paper, therefore gaining acceptance from others without question.
That burns in my belly day in and day out. Especially as I get older and there are “expectations” of being and doing specific things. #notinarush
However, that fear keeps me from getting into situations that lock me down, forcing me to take a basic and normal route for comfort, stability, and certainty.
Once upon a time I wanted normal. But I learned QUICKLY that “normal” was NOT made for a gal like me.
In some way that fear is definitely linked to being so much of a black sheep that you can almost never hide without drawing attention. However, again, that fear can and will never override the light that shines within me.
This little L I G H T of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.. 🙂
Let your light shine!
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Does it really take a village to raise a child?

As I get older and life becomes more advanced in my professional career and personal life, it’s obvious that the need for having people around me who truly understand and facilitate a comfortable space for my growth is something I never foreseen happening.
It’s true. I’m no longer the person who can, will, and prefer to fly, fall, and gain back my strength alone.
I consistently find myself writing this down:
It not only takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to get you through your whole life. God bless the child that has his/her own, but also, God bless the ones who are struggling to keep it.”
I can be honest with myself and say that I’ve done it ALL alone, but I don’t want to do it anymore.
For the past year and 6 months I’ve been enlightened enough to know what being enlightened really means.
Enlightenment doesn’t mean you’re a smart and intelligent individual. Enlightenment doesn’t mean you’re a spiritual and pure person without fault.
Enlightenment means that although you’ve experienced all that there is and have studied all that you are, being certain about both and more, yet still, all of your knowing is unknown.
What I do know is that I don’t know anything.
All I know is that I’m here. That I’m learning and I’m going to continue to learn and make mistakes until my last breath.
Just maybe we read the traditional African proverb lightly. Maybe the proverb is saying that we should approach life everyday with a spirit of a child. Not fearing being wrong or asking for help. But to embrace the constant changes and the choice to willingly grow in between those changes.
I know one thing, though. Through it all I Am forever grateful and thankful for my tribe, my village, my collective group of communal support.

Dear Complainers,

To be ambitious in an extremely mediocre world (the system really) is courageous!

People look at successful people who have reached certain areas in their lives and totally miss the fact that successful people are the MINORITY.

They’re living in your world. Do you know the daily effort that takes? The world caters to you, not the 1% despite their success.

If you want to be successful, yet you’re complaining about your current situation, just stop trying altogether.


I guarantee you, years later you’re going to face the same thing, just at a different level depending on where you’re at in life.

Complaining doesn’t help. Innovate your way out!

It’s not easy going after your dreams, goals, and life purpose. But, if you have time to complain, then you have time to make a change.

Don’t make it harder on others or yourself. We all have our own fair of sh*t to deal with. That’s life. Let’s just go after what we want, even if we have to cry our way there. Let’s just GO!

Friends, love, and longevity.

There’s nothing better in the world than to have friends who court you throughout the transitions of life.

I was going through Gabrielle Union‘s IG page (I love her!) and I came across a photo of Gabrielle Union, Megan Good, Essence Atkins-Mendez, and Robin Lee. The cast from the hit movie, Deliver Us From Eva.


All of whom who are still close friends today. From viewing this photo I went Essence Atkins-Mendez’s profile, then on to her husband’s profile. Essence and Gabrielle seems to be the closest. Especially since Essence and her husband officiated Gabrielle’s wedding.


Now, this post isn’t some mushy relationship post targeting celebrities and the newest popular hashtag #relationshipgoals. But, this post, like my previous post, is to remind you that there is more to life than just business, making tons of money, and accumulating power throughout the process.

Friends. Family. Love.

Those few things are the true joys of life.

From one my favorite movies, Funny Girl, starring Barbara Streisand, she sings, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”

Prancing around as if we don’t need others, and are better off doing things alone is foolish and simply a depressing life.

There’s nothing better in the world than to have friends that court you through the transitions of life.

Your career and relationship. Childbirth, personal growth and all the awkward and sometimes disturbing occurrences in between.

You don’t have to go through life alone. Often times people make the choice to do so, but you don’t have too.

Make friends and create enough memories to tell one day tell your grand kids. Either way, whether you’re wealthy or not, it will not matter.


The Power of Clarity

When you’re clear about your goals and your vision, or let’s just put it plainly. When you know what you want out of life, the ways of the world do not allure you to the things that do not align with your vision and purpose. #order


So when you see other people experiencing things like marriage, success, or child-birth, you’re not wondering, “What am I doing wrong?”, or “When will it be my turn?”

No, you’re excited!

For me personally, I’m humbled by it. Because I know there’s a certain type of person that I want to be once I’m stepping towards each one of those milestones in life.

Call me crazy, but just like how expensive cars take specific oil and gas to function properly, it’s the same principles applied for the type of goals and vision that I have.

Regular premium will not do. I need to do extra work to get me together, and I’m aware that it takes time.

Just a little readiness.

Just like how we prepare for the day each morning, is how I prepare, daily, for certain things in my life.

Because it is a true tragedy to be at the door of health, wealth, love, and happiness (the good life) without being prepared to handle and maintain all that comes with it.

Although it happens every day, and people work through it, I don’t want to be one of those people.

Let’s just say that, that right there is the seed of my ambition.

I know what I want and I’m in NO RUSH! I want to be ready and I will be ready, even if at the moment I believe I’m not.

Embrace and accept your inner ostrich.

Today I went looking for my cat who got out the house a couple of days ago, and it took me exactly 2 seconds to feel ostracized around people in my old neighborhood.

It was a weird and uncomfortable feeling. I kinda felt like I reverted back (my reaction and response) to a teenage version of myself. It was weird.

When people ask me how do I find the time, or acquire the drive and self-motivation to do what I do, they’re always left confused after I tell them how.canstock9481609

My simple response is that it’s just who I am. I eat, sleep and breathe this life, like how other people eat, sleep, and breathe Sunday night football. I know some of ‘my friends on Facebook has said numerous times, “Sarah don’t have nothing else to talk about?” And my answer would be, “Nope!” lol

Today was just a confirmation that I absolutely DO NOT fit in.

Normal isn’t me and it never has been. I just don’t quite fit the standard and I’m okay with that.

I will get up and leave something good because of that weird and uncomfortable feeling. For the past couple years it has served me as a signal – what Oprah calls a nudge from the universe – to get up and get out of something that wasn’t for me– even if it looks good.

I just NEED some people to understand that success, the Beyoncé and Jay Z, Oprah, Warren Buffet etc, type of success, does not all of a sudden become an illusive interest.

You can’t just pick her up and put her down leisurely. It doesn’t work that way.

I’m not faking this and it’s not some dream I dreamt when a long time goal failed. My life, interest and daily motivation is a Day 1, A1 initiative. I know no other way.

For as long as I can remember, the plan to be me – meaning, whatever successes tied to who I am –  was always, and still is, The Plan.

Here me when I say, I CANNOT LIVE OTHERWISE.

I can’t… 8192827-checkmate-black-defeats-white-king-selective-focus--Stock-Photo

Therefore, my lack of interest and care free attitude of not wanting so and so to like and accept me, is not a b*tchy and rude attitude.

But it’s an expression of my inner ostrich. My self-awareness. I know who I am (continuously evolving that is), I know I’m an acquire taste – different, and I know that I’m not for everyone and neither is everyone for me.

When you know who you are, you’ll know within an instant if something is for you, or not. I mean, think about it. If you wear a size 8, you’ll never try to fit your foot into a size 6, right? Right…


It’s that easy, folks…